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I really should review earlier so it sounds like I have an original thought - the lack of vertical film examples was my only disappointment to what was otherwise the best short, by far, in the two heats I attended.

For a 48hr entry there was a lot going on special effects wise - hey, not perfect special effects, but that added to the comedic B movie effect. Story was OK - though with all the stranger danger drummed into kids these days, getting into the coffin was weak. Forcing the kid in would have been better from a believability point of view. That trippy warped forest was great!

Was it good luck or bad luck that you managed to get the same genre two years in a row? Good luck in so far as you might have had story options from last year, bad luck in the fact you had to follow up on what was an inspired short 'Climatic'. This year was OK, but not as good as 2013. I did start to cringe when I saw the alarm clock, it has been overdone in 48 in the past, but you guys pulled it off. Not sure I picked up on the ending - was he working nightshift, or did he change jobs to nightshift?

Team Name > The Librarians, Shoot Location > Library, Storyline > Becoming a Librarian = Genius! All this on top of the musical genre, with a pretty good storyline too. Well done guys, I really enjoyed it (with the exception of the levels at the beginning, though potentially this could have been that the volume in the theater had been cranked up for the previous short - I expect the projectionist must have a nightmare trying to balance volume in all the shorts)

It was a pity that the sound was really muddy, because otherwise this was a brill' little animation. I don't think I would never have the energy to do a stop motion for 48hrs! The ending was a bit tacked on... got a reaction from the audience though...

I quite enjoyed this, thought there were some pretty good ideas that I had not seen in previous 48hr shorts. Not being a writer at all, I have no right to critize the story, but I would have reduced the mental block section of the movie (which was a bit long), added the muse earlier (and given her more screentime!), then gone back to frantic writing and performing of an epic rock love ballad before the appearance of the final text. My 2c

Yep, nailed the genre - it was a mystery to me :-) Good job with the bloody visual effect, a lot of effort for such a short amount of screen time!

I didn't get the mistaken identity at all from this short. Like others have said, the tension building beginning was a little long, but I did like seeing all the recognisable Wellington locations (though the problem with this is I kept thinking, "why would he take such a long route to get to his car?"). The silhouette scene though the door was absolutely gorgeous - the highlight of the whole thing for me.

Overall not a bad little short. I think you missed some opportunity's for more classic horror tropes, however I did almost yell out "Don't go to the creepy cabin!" and "Get out of the woods!". Very freaky music score! Good job

Great movie, loved it. Reading the other reviews, I had not even noticed that it didn't have any dialogue! To tell a story, with basically no words (now that I think about it, he phoned in sick and spoke) is not an easy thing to do (and you did it voluntarily, it was not a genre forced on you). If I had to be critical, the use of the required prop seemed a bit forced.

I would agree with Wiki - a tighter edit of the disposal would have been better, it did drag on a bit. I thought the acting was great though, nothing felt wooden and while excessive, the swearing was exactly how I would expect body dumpers to talk (in fact, given how you hear 'normal' people talking to each other on Courtney Place, it could be argued that there was not enough swearing!). Well done.

I am always amazed people find the time to do an animated short in the timeframe - however I was a little disappointed, it was not up with the normal gross out standard of past years. I literally wet myself while watching 'House of 1000 Horses'. 'Mystery' had a storyline - WTF?

If anyone was offended by this entry, you really should watch past years to increase your therapy spent and wonder at the sanity of Readers' Wives!

I like to think I am a typical stupid movie-goer - don't give me complex plots and subtile nuances, because I will just get lost. I need a story spelt out to me - I was confused as to why the cleaner was even pretending to be the psychiatrist. I think I need to watch this again to see if I can understand the message.

From the 22 shorts I saw, for me this was the best use of the required dialog - even better it was combined with the required prop! Storyline for me was a little unoriginal (but I am not the writer in our group so I really should not comment - if I had to write the story I doubt I have an original thought in my head) but I thought you pulled off the cinematography and editing really well. Look forward to 'watch'ing again in the screening room (have o pay attention to the watch...)

Like one of the other shorts in this heat I thought the storyline was a bit predictable/unoriginal (which I know is hard given the limited time to write a script), however it was executed really really well given the limited timeframe. Yep, like the other reviewers mentioned, the picture quality was horrid. Look forward to a better render in the screening room :-)

Like Newsboy the dog section had me worried but you guys pulled off a pretty good musical. I have no idea what we would have done had we gotten this genre. Probably quit...

Because I was attending a friends movie premiere, I felt I had to give them my 3 vote - otherwise yours would have been my pick (you did get my 2 :-)

You guys did really well having a great little story and multiple locations. Loved the hot air ballon! My pick for a Wellington finalist!

Sorry, I didn't get the time travel reference myself. To me it was all about memories than time travel, though I guess really memories are the only real form of time travel we have... so now I am thinking that maybe it was a genius idea. Bravo!

Did a good job of telling a story with no dialog. There was some nice little touches (the letter to himself was funny) but overall I found it a bit drawn out - it could probably be edited shorter, or it could have had more of a 'converging story' aspect were you could have included more of the girls story as well.

Hmmmm, there was some bizarre parts to this movie - what was with the crotch gesture and why the south african accent fagot jokes? There was some quite good cinematography in parts (I like the sequence where the girl turned into the flatmate, I thought that was quite well done) and the London airport was very funny.

Like miriamruthross I got the BladeRunner feeling about the movie - but it was a little slow (and to be honest I find Blade Runner a bit slow too). I half expected a plot twist at the end finding out that the reviewer was the android and her performing the reviews was actually a review of her - but it didn't come.

One of my teammates had to explain the premise behind this move (ie they were dolls, in a dollhouse, and the noises were someone playing with the dollhouse) - I am afraid this didn't come across well enough for me to pickup on. After it was explained the whole thing made a lot more sense. I think it is a pretty good idea, but overall was probably not scary enough for me. The POV shot was particularly good though :-)

You guys had balls actually getting into the bucket fountain! The was a big groan from the crowd when the lead had water flowing into his mouth - nasty! Great off the wall story though. I was half expecting the psychologist to end up having an affair with the bucket fountain (the reason he was out so late)

That was some crazy drug induced wacky stuff. Totally surreal rapping sock puppets. Would have been good to have been able to make out the lyrics of the song, but it was a bit washed out by the music.

I really enjoyed this film. Being a first time 48hr contestant I didn't see it as being cliche mockumentry - I just found it laugh out loud funny in a really quirky way. The lead actor pulling the whole thing off brilliantly.

Is was a bugger having our movie follow this short, cos it was brilliant. Nice tight story, great cinematography, good editing - this is exactly what all 48hr competitors hope to be able to produce.

Well done getting into the Wellington finals, you guys deserve it!

Thank god Steelpotato put me out of my misery. I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out who the voice reminded me of. I was so familiar, but I just couldn't place it.

It was a pretty funny pisstake, with a good twist at the end. I bet when the 48hrs team thought up POV as the required camera angle they didn't anticipate quite so many urination scenes! I think there were 3 in this set of heats - but yours was the only one that had some context to the movie.

Was interesting to see another movie shot in the same genre that we had to film in and how it was presented. Like us, you presented as a leadup to being immobilized, rather than an entire movie presented as being immobilized. Like Steelpotato, when I got through editing ours, I did wonder if it is in the spirit of the genre (I do hope it is, for both of us).

I liked the breaking the fourth wall style (the gag about the TV remote had me giggling) and the commitment of the lead being hung upsidedown. Not sure I got the reason for going hunting (though as someone who's food comes from the supermarket, hunting is probably lost on me) and was impressed that the lead got from not being able tie a knot to a snare capable of lifting a human :-)

What was the reason for the DQ?

This was a great little short. Decent story, good acting, nice ending - what more could you want? Not sure I believed the suicide (they were at school together, in the same class, she might figure it out pretty quickly) but other than that I would be pretty happy if that was my film!

Not sure I got the horror aspect - sure there was killing, but horror? I was impressed that it looked like there were quite a few locations shot, which is never easy to cram in multiple locations within the 48hrs. Personally I would have reversed the casting of the male lead and the cheating friend as I think it would have been more believable that way around.

"Chokie chockie chockie" - not really sure why the old lady was singing this at the end, I was told it was because she was the killer, which now has me totally lost. I thought the doctor did it.

Legendary intro! A very Jim Abrahams film (Flying High, Naked Gun, Top Secret) that had quite a few laughs. I found the ending was a bit predicable and forced, but loved the fight scene with old computers in the lair being smashed! My pick of the top for this heat!

That was a totally surreal film. I had no idea what was going on - and I kinda like that. When I think back to the heats, this is the movie that actually sticks in my head - probably because I am still trying to figure it out :-) The monologue reminded me of something from another movie, but for the life of me I can't place it... Crazy Genius!

I was expecting a total dogs breakfast based on the R17 forum posts about all the rendering problems, but the whole thing came together pretty well - and the audio didn't drop out half way through like feared. Sure the fighting could have been better, but who has 6 months of movie fight training to fall back on in 48hrs (well, other than some of the 'pro' teams). Great job!