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Wasn't really a true "comedy of errors" genre film. Also not sure where the "thoughtful" character trait came into it - perhaps a better descriptor for this character would be "scheming" which at a stretch could be considered thoughtful?? But definitely amusing albeit slightly dark subject matter. Some very creative and fun moments, particularly the garbage bag costume. Nice work put into the score - it was used successfully for dramatic moments, although came off a little inconsistent tonally throughout the movie. Great job team!

Clearly going for gross-out humour but it definitely got a few laughs from the audience. It didn't aim high but I think achieved what they out to do, which is completely gross out the audience. Wasn't really true to the genre of cat and mouse, but these guys clearly had fun with it.

Strong acting was the stand out from the young performers here. Clever use of the prop item. Overall the plot and script didn't shine in comedy or drama but was coherent and logically told. Solid effort.

A great performance by the lead as well as the mother-in-law character who was a little charicatured but comedically played. A fun take on the time travel genre. The fourth-wall breaking final punchline missed the mark a little. The ending decision to re-do the day wasn't really clear (I guess he'd rather walk out on his wedding than live with the MIL in his life?) Overall fun plot, well done guys.

An awkward take on the romcom genre featuring characters that were eccentric to say the least. The dialogue and humour could have used a little more work and the characters were more cringe than humorous. The ending was a bit jarring considering the genre.

A clever film that used a metaphor in the parallel created between a musician overthinking her drumming, and an awkward threesome fraught with indecision and googling. There were some very funny moments and the acting was quite believable and well-delivered for laughs.
The simultaneous aspect of the two scenarios (drumming/sex) was a little unclear at the start but by the end it was well resolved and created a satisfying conclusion to the story (no pun intended).

Deserves to be in the finals as it definitely embodies the spirit of the competition.
This film was highly innovative in its storytelling and got loads of laughs for its clever humour. Really nice editing that combined social media, documentary and surreal comedy.
Very impressive and comical use of the puppets. The ending was a satisfying and hilarious callback to earlier jokes.
The only negative thing to say is that I was upset at how great it was.

The plot and dialogue were the main issues with this film; the dialogue was a little hard to hear which may have left some clever jokes lost. It was disappointing to realise the plot wasn't going to expand outside the tabletop game. Even though it was a one-room movie, more could have been attempted. The montage was the best part with some nice editing techniques used. Overall had potential and I look forward to seeing what this team achieves next time.

The film noir homage was well achieved stylistically and tone-wise, with credible acting. The plot overall was perhaps a little over-simplified however a great mystery is really challenging to write - the dialogue and ending revelation didn't quite hit the mark. However, overall nice work.

Nice acting and some good comedic moments. The male lead was particularly funny, and the twist ending was nice too. Could have maybe used a bit more depth or development but overall funny and enjoyable.

This was a bit of a confusing movie that left a lot more questions than it answered. Clearly a creative take on the genre they were given but it may have strayed a little too far. Still definitely had some interesting ideas, though more development would be nice.

An amusing take on the horror genre, this film embodied the spirit of the 48 hrs competition well. Good use of gross-out effects without going over the top, and it got plenty of laughs. It flowed well and the clever ending was a nice touch.

A young group of film-makers hit some good parody notes of videogames but fall flat towards the end thanks to poor lighting and cliche plot-twist. Good attempt at trying something different, and having the hud was a nice touch.

The plot was well introduced with a convincing voice over explaining the over-population of the world and the government's new social policy of eliminating the bottom tier of society. The twist is that they get to choose their means of death. This makes for an amusing plot held together by a great performance by the lead actor. The surprise ending got a good laugh from the audience and the post-credits sting was probably not needed as the ending joke was strong enough.

An amusing Rockumentary about the height of Newtown's 3rd most famous band (from a couple of decades ago). Instead of focusing on getting the band back together for one last gig, they instead focused on trying to push the love of music onto the reluctant kids of the original band members. Some good one-liners and decent acting gave a good natural feel consistent with the genre and had my interest from start to end. Was that an original song from 2016's 2nd most famous band during the credits? If so, great job. Good film all around.

A Last Person on Earth film where a girl finds a camera documenting her neighbours' last moments before being evacuated from Earth. Before the reveal of the evacuation the girl finds a dead body and starts to piece things together. She watches the rest of the film and it ends with her watching the moment the camera drops.

Interesting plot idea and implementation of the "thoughtless" character. Some dubious leaps of logic push the story along, and there seemed to be a scene that seemed to have been created purely for the placement of the "bread prop".

These young film-makers show promise.

Horror is not an easy genre in this competition, and Obself did their best to create tension and were quite successful on the "finger scene". Nice editing and blood effects at points. Overall, it was somewhat cheesy but lacked the tension to deliver on some of the visual imagery. The chase scene and confrontation with the stranger was quite anti-climactic, but the ending helped reclaim a bit of ground.

While Hide and Seek was shot well, the story itself fell flat for me. Too much time spent watching kids play instead of building up the tension of the kidnapping. In fact there didn't seem to be any tension involved considering a mother has had her child kidnapped. A few f-words with the neighbour, but even that felt forced. Humour dotted throughout, with the film wrapping up on a high note.

First off, hilarious team intro. Go watch Potion Seller on Youtube.

Started strong with great composition and a promising lead actor. The Mistaken Identity plot point could have taken an interesting turn but instead lost traction and the impact of the ending fell flat. What felt like the guy losing his mind, and choking something until it disappeared, suddenly was a ploy from his coworkers..... I think.

Puppets seem to appear a lot in 48 hour films (I assume because people don't want to show their faces on camera) and end up being somewhat of a crutch.

The team shows promise, and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Don't expect anything less than a beautifully shot and well crafted short when it comes to Noise and Pictures, and they delivered that once again with Flowers and Everything. A fun, humourous film that relies a little heavily on cliches, especially at the end, that managed to make us smile from opening to credits (which were pretty bloody impressive).

Pretty solid effort by what looks like a first-time team. For a dialogue heavy film, the main actor managed to be convincing and fun to watch. The intensity of the end somewhat ruined by the hilarious reaction of the older actor as he was attacked. Strong start, but energy seemed to have died by the end. Clearly had fun with this film and can't wait to see more from you guys.

Just want to add that I agree with steelpotato about the attitude of your team. I congratulated your team on a job well done as I left, but if you want to be taken seriously you need to afford other creators that same respect. Watch your competition, enjoy the creativity of others, thank them and congratulate them on jobs well done. It's a small community that you don't want to alienate yourself from.

I wasn't really sure where the team was trying to go with the horror genre here. It looked like they were trying to take the piss out of the genre, but they didn't jump in with both feet so for me it ended up coming across like they were just going through all of the horror tropes. Clearly the team had a lot of fun filming this one, but it just fell flat.

Hello ladies.

A guy calls in sick and decides to spend the day in a suit at the park. He's befriended by a strange mystical girl on the other side of a small stream. After hanging out with her for the day he's enticed back day after day for the whole week. The little cuts of him getting ready could have been tidied up and made a bit snappier, but hey, I understood what you were trying to do. One of the Puppyguts team members said he didn't like the way it ended, that he didn't expect it to take a dark turn. For me, I was sitting there hoping that's where it would go, but didn't think you'd do it. I'm glad you did!
Big fan of the main actor, a little over acted but there was something endearing about him. I hope to see him come back for more in future events.

For a bunch of first timers this had the makings of something great, but managed to fall short of delivering any major impact. Two guys "getting rid of trash" for an unknown third character, argue over how they got into the situation. Maybe a little too many gratuitous swear words in place of what could have been snappy dialogue. I liked the twist at the end, but it didn't surprise me like I feel it was meant to. Shot well, well acted, and a team to keep your eyes on in future events.

What can I say?
I am so damn amazed and thankful that Readers' Wives moved ever so slightly away from the purile humour they've become known for, and added a story that had a decent amount of flow to it. The laughs were well earned, the art was clearly improved, and the ending had me and most of the Puppyguts team in stitches. If any of your films deserve to be in the finals its this one.

Oh don't get me wrong, there are still some telltale gross out jokes that they're known for, they're just done better than ever before.

The moment I saw the "psychiatrist" looking about nervously I already knew what to expect of this film. Sure, it wasn't a shock ending flick, but I think of moments in other films/movies where the character in disguise fully embraces the switch. Would have been great to see the character fool not just the patient but the viewers as well, and play a bit more into the fact that the patient was discovering who he really was. Instead I was just waiting for the end I knew was coming.

If it helps my wife says:
I thought the acting was good, and it seemed to be leading to something fun. Bit of an anti climax at the end. The writing was good but the plot didn't quite go where I expected; a bit too static.

The 48 Hour competition is all about amateur filmmakers doing everything they can in a rather short amount of time. R17 clearly gave everything they could here, but the acting and writing held back the flow of the ideas they were trying to put out. The slamming of the hand on the table (it felt too deliberate, like I was missing an important meaning to something) and the lack of shock to the realisation of who the woman was; big moments that sadly had no impact.
Good to see they embraced the limitations they had and while this years prop made a great appearance as the weapon of choice, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be taken seriously or not.
Hope to see you back next year.

Musicals are hard, and while the team clearly gave it everything they could it fell flat and was quite cringeworthy in parts. I get that the dog saw the crime, I really do, but that whole dog section felt so amazingly out of place that I was scared the entire film was going to involve long shots of a bored dog.
But seriously, musicals are HARD.

I think everyone from Puppyguts was a fan of this one.
Well shot, acted, and written. Despite using a bunch of cliches and tropes it clearly won the audience over. I seem to be alone on this, but the movie would have felt better had it stopped with the fade out after he asks his friends if they were available tomorrow (while they were in the kitchen). The final scene worked, but it lessened the effect of the natural ending (for me).

Great work guys! Hope we see you in the finals!

It's a shame to see that time travel wasn't embraced with both arms. Instead we see a guy thinking back to a moment in time spent with a female friend. Not really sure what was meant to be insinuated with the trip back in time. The dried up white stuff on the edges of his mouth made even less sense. Overall a very short movie with little to no direction.

A one shot film is no easy task, and Promethean Duck managed to make it look rather easy. The perfectly timed barks from the dog (intentional or not) were a nice touch, and the move from outside to the back of the bookstore flowed nicely. While the plot wasn't without flaw, and the ending a little forced, it was definitely one of the best films in Heat 13. I'd love to know how many takes this took.

Can't finish this review without mentioning the nice credits.

Great use of costumes and props, but a plot that left me a little confused. While the protagonist clearly had some sort of super power, I wasn't overly sure what power he had. One moment I think he made someone stab someone else, and then later he seems to stop time to stab a German soldier. The lack of any kind of effects in a short that involved guns and death by bullets was jarring to the immersion.

Essentially a home movie that cost them the entrance fee of the competition. Someone clearly wanted to have a good weekend with their family, and I'm sure they did, and they'll have something to show their kids in 10 years time. However, the plot was non-existant and minutes of the film were filled with shots of children playing with playdough. Could have saved themselves some money by just doing this with their kids on any other weekend.

An interesting plot that wasn't fleshed out to its full potential. Some great cinematography and action scenes that didn't come across as overtly hammy, which is no easy feat. The ending could have done without the final line, with just the actress looking around while the others look straight ahead. Overall a great film that kept my attention from start to end.

Great production values, great cinematography and some great acting. While some of the jokes may have been cliche and the ending a little obvious, it didn't stop Dead Last from being fun from start to end. Highlight being the floating coach's head around the zombie track runner's face near the end. An inspiration for any zombie out there.

Loved the start of this short and thought we were going to be in for a treat. The second the two sat on the couch together the charm was lost. That's not to say I didn't laugh at the pivotal comedic moments, but the acting and effects were distractions to what was going on. That was one small baby. I almost wanted to see the two try and bargain for the $5000 with the dead baby.

This must have been a fun production for the brothers involved. Lots of smirks to be seen during shots, and the cheese and humour was always flowing. Some nice cheesy special effects near the end rounded off this rather creative interpretation of the rom-com genre (which the brothers must have LOVED to have picked on Friday night).

The team clearly weren't happy about getting the musical/dance genre but they gave it a good try. Bizarre moment of a static image of text scrolling up the screen and a good attempt at trying to write and sing some songs while also trying to add a bit of humour. The dance number at the end felt a little redundant and didn't make much sense to the overall short. The movie ended abruptly as I'm sure the Pornland crew wanted the weekend to end quickly.