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A ridiculous and fun film! Nothing feels explained or like it makes sense and that's completely fine. It was utterly bizarre and wonderful. A true 48hour film. Hilarious cuts, brilliant opening credits, luscious locks on the priest and a small man in a poncho? Excellent.

Great little film with a fun interpretation on time travel. Loved the bathroom scene, very impressive and effective use of the physical element. Would have loved a little less exposition in the audition monologue but thought it was a well executed short.

Such a sweet film! The robot was so beautifully portrayed and we felt a real sadness as her love was seemingly rejected. Nice take on the genre and impressive connection from a robot.

A truly beautifully made short. The composition of shots was stunning and a great little concept. The monologue felt a little forced but very touching ending with brilliant hints of black comedy.

A beautiful and colourful short with a real feel good build up, the opening shots were intimate and effective. Loved the iconic K'Road shots. Loved the little call backs to Wizard of Oz - subtle and not too cheesy. A great little film :)

Interesting concept and some beautifully executed shots. Loved the isolation of the holiday shots and the cross cuts in her decline were particularly effective. Would have loved to have spent more time building to her upset.

Beautiful opening shots and interesting concept, would have liked a little more insight into the game and a slightly more connected storyline.

Such a suspenseful and beautiful short. 'Real time' is an interesting genre and this film made great use of their interpretation. The sound editing was particularly captivating.

Fun little short with some solid performances. such a tricky genre but loved the feeling of detachment through the use of isolating sound.

Some great shots and performances made for a fun mockumentary on an unexpected topic. Great relaxed nature of a few of the interviewee's. Would have loved a stronger core relationship for more feels towards the end.

Fun little film with playful and clever animation in the split screen. It was both funny and gross, great to see a solo work create such a cool short.