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A very adorable story, I was very entertained by this film.

My favourite from this heat. Very clever story, it was nicely shot, great acting and I like the sense of urgency and desperation the film created. Good job :)

The film unfortunately faced audio issues which handicapped the entire film. Otherwise the editing, the acting and story were all solid.

Nicely shot, great work with the makeup! The beginning made me laugh a lot, then it got a little serious and too busy for me, but I could tell the film was just trying to build suspense.

Nicely edited, beautifully shot and cool narrations. I enjoyed the contrast between the black and white head shot scenes and the slow-mo scenes. The film didn't embrace the genre much, but it was a nice film overall.

If Mr Gee, you're reading this, you taught me in Lynfield College back in 2002! Great to see you act for the first time!

It was such a shame about the audio, but I wanted to compliment on the way it was filmed, very good camera work :)

Solid effort. Great concept and an entertaining cast. Love how there are more than one shock ending in this film ;) What a treat!

The story was a bit weak, the socks disturbed me. The awkward actor did entertain me a little.

I absolutely loved this film! I was on the edge of my seat. Brilliant take on Time Travel. I connected with this film in a way because I currently live in a restored villa and I often wonder what people living here years and years before me use to do in the rooms here. I enjoyed the acting, the suspense, the colouring and cinematography of the gave me goosebumps. Thumbs up!

The beginning was promising, but the film ended up too awkward for me.

Cute idea and the story worked for me. The voice overs were also done nicely. However the film felt a little disjointed in some areas, especially the ending. But overall, solid effort!