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This was a really great film. The way you managed to build the atmosphere of the film was outstanding andbthere were definitely some scary moments. Occaisionally you would build up a lot of tension and nothing would happen but horrors are really hard to perfect like that. I was a little bit dissapointed by the ending but again I will acknowledge that these kinds of films are really hard to write. You didn't really explain why this demon thing was lurking in the background either. So while you did a great job on the technical aspects, next year work on your story a bit more.

This film was definitely one my favourites of the heat. If I had one gripe it's that your actors playing the parents of the twins looked younger than the twins themselves. I know my team in the past has been criticized for using children in adult roles so maybe try to avoid that in the future. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed your film's sense of humour and enjoyed a different take on the buddy film. Your story was simple and easy to follow which shows a lot of savvy for what looked like a really young team. Congratulations on winning audience's choice. It was well deserved

This film reminds me a lot of the first time my team ever did 48 Hours. Really ambitious, hard to hear dialogue, and teens in adult roles. The difference between us is that this team got a genre that is impossible to write a simple story to. I suspect that next year this team will achieve great things if they can avoid the above mistakes.

First of all great concept. It was an intelligent take on the genre and I enjoyed some of the humour. Great location as well. My issue however was with the audio levels. At times I couldn't hear the dialogue at all. My other issue was that I thought the girl at the bus stop was a weak way to introduce that character. In defence of this film from a previous rebiew though is that even though the genre was 'last man on earth' almost every film like this has a character that the 'last man on earth' meets otherwise we have a really boring film so I think that critique is really nit picky and doesn't really apply. Solid effort guys. Fix your audio and figure out a better way to introduce characters and you would have had an amazing film

This was an excellent film given the technology you had. Some of the audio was a bit rough but this film probably best emulated the genre you were given. The end, as said in another review, induced gasps from the audience (including myself) and the actors all had good chemistry with eachother. Some kf the dialogue got a bit silly instead of funny but I commend this group for, in my opinion, doing the best with your genre.

I'm really gutted for this team because so much went wrong for them. Last year Refined Sugar was nominated for the Rising Talent award amd made a great film. This year we saw the same of this team's distinctive visual style which I love. Having said this I feel as though this film didn't have a clear identity. On one hand it tried to be quirky and comedic, on the other hand it tried to be action based and had a really technical storyline. I think the biggest issue was probably that the story was too complex. I think you tried to do almost another dimension movie and it was a little confusing and not really clear what you were trying to do. Don't get me wrong I love watching this team's films but I think in an attempt to up the anti from last year you fell a bit flat. Next year go back to basics and you'll be back to the level you were at last year.

This film I definitely enjoyed and definitely made me laugh. The major reason for this was the lead actress. You were histerical. The uncomfortable humour worked brilliantly. I thought some of the humour surrounding the outfit of the lead actor was a bit cheap. I found it more silly an lame than funny but there was definitely some excellent use of rom-com cliches that were really well used to take the piss. This film wasn't great but I laughed and there were entertaining features so I can give it an above average rating. If you had better technology (a recurring theme throughout the heat) it would have been even better.

I barely understood this film if I'm honest. There is no doubt there were some funny moments and the film definitely started off well but from there it went a bit downhill. The toilet gag didn't fit and I didn't understand how it was relevant to the story. I suspect that some of your technology wasn't very good which explains some of the difficulties with audio and camera. All in all I think there was some potential here. The concept fit the genre and like I said, initially there were some laughs. For next year try and be really clear about your story to make sure your audience can follow.