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Pretty good for found footage. Too bad they found an iphone though and not something better.

Had to toss up between this one and teh arc one for my 3rd pick

This was one of my pics of the night, had musical a few years ago and it was hard work!

Very well put together, only fault would be the narators singing wasn't easy to undestand.

Good premise, and pretty well executed - I dug the cardboard props. I would though invest in some lights, the scenes in the dark were pretty hard to sit through.

Boy was that box looking ratty towards the end!

Thought this was really solid - couldn't fault it in any way, maybe lacking a bit in the story department, wasn't one of my pics but was close.

Unlike muffy I thought the sound effects were dreadful, I don't know if it was done for comedic effect or not but you need a little variety. Also the music was looping.

Good start, get some practice in, pay more attention to the edit and come back better next year.

This was probably my favorite film of the heat, nicely shot, maybe a little to slow but still pretty cool.

Dug this film, was a tad short - but good concept. I guess you didn't have the car moving because you couldn't make a heist film with a car needing a kick start.

Did very well for such a simple premise and shooting style.

Was shot pretty nice - allthough a bit too shallow depth of field/dslr'y for my taste - also wasn't raelly insperational.

I didn't get why the guy would walk off in slow motion and drop his passport and all those bangles, kind of weird.

I was warned about this team - and it was one of my favorites of the night.

Loved the gratuitousness of it. This sort of thing is really what the 48 hours is all about!

I'm not really a fan of talking to the camera mocumentaries in 48hours - think it's kind of a copout. However this was well done for the genre.

Also dug the flannel shirts.

Was shot alright, sound was great - acting was pretty good. However the story left me feeling a bit meh