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Missed the start of this one but it had great cinematography, great acting – the pace had lots of energy and I was engrossed although I didn’t know what it was about.

hmm – really intense, not sure if ‘drug use’ was appropriate or needed to add to the story line. One or two good actors, great freeze frame

GREAT film real shame about the sound issue, great cinematography, great acting, great effects, great story line – didn’t lose interest at all

Really like the actress and her tomboyish approach to the role – thought it was an hilarious idea having her walking around the streets in costume – favourite part was ‘shutup shorty’ but I lost interest after that

The concept was a good idea but scene footage was limited to tell the story in full.
Acting was Ok

Love it! About time a quality film makes the 48hour! Interesting story-line and superb acting. I hope it wins.