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easily my favorite of the night, very disappointed it was disqualified as it definitely would have taken my top spot
great use of the genre and very entertaining

very entertaining, was laughing for the majority of it
not much to comment on from a technical aspect but overall thoroughly enjoyed it

personal favorite moment was "we did the card bit already" and the tap and go line

well done Pop-Up

good on a technical aspect, well shot and good sound

think it was a bit lacking in substance, the ending could have been worked on a bit more
didnt get 3d glasses so cant say much for the quality but impressed at ADHDMi pushing the boundaries with that

great film, had me laughing for a lot of it
think it did go on for a little bit longer than necessary but overall was quite good use of the genre

a bit of a confusing story but well done considering the non-dialogue genre
not really given much explanation for the unhappiness of the main character in a polygamous relationship

good cinematography but think the story was a little lacking

a good storyline albeit a bit cliche
good dark imagery and use of the city

think the string was a bit much but the overall film was a good effort

An interesting story, may have been slightly confusing for some but I seemed to catch the main premise

well shot and had a good feel to the serious nature of the short.

impressed at the grave being dug, think the coffin inside it let that down somewhat though, the look didnt quite work and showed how shallow the grave was

overall quite a good film,good use of the prison location