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I do love movies that make people uncomfortable. I'm personally not used to hairy armpits on a girl, and that really did make me uneasy... but I actually loved the whole awkward flavour. The drumming in the next room was a brilliant decision! It helped perfectly with the climaxes.

I'm sorry... this didn't work for me... it just didn't seem genuine at all. Although, I did love the ending!

I loved the concept.... and the ending was brilliant... almost touching. This was polished and stood on a very strong script. the highlight for me was the paper cuts with string.

Disgusting, but great. Thank you for making me laugh uncomfortably next to older prudes.

I got a few good laughs out of this.. although I found it hard to view the movie without a narcissistic lens when the film company is named after the director. I loved Tina. She was brilliant! And the old woman in the chair, sublime!

There were some lovely moments of interesting lighting... but this movie made absolutely no sense. If you get one-location, the first step would be to devise a brilliant location. Sound obviously was a major issue, too.

You had me climbing up the back of my chair, I'm referring to the poo! As the film started to get a little boring you climaxed at just the right moment. The crude special effects alongside the casual handling and focussing of the camera was excellent. The music was best of the session, superb. The highlight for me was the inner thoughts of your main guy. He was brilliant!!!!

A safe film, but still very fresh. Held together with a hilarious story. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the 2nd receptionist!!!

One of the best 48 hour films, ever! The mix between phone and decent-camera was awesome! For me it was the structure that stole the show. I actually thought from the onset that you the movie was going to be a waste and a protest against the genre. Linking it to 40Hr Famine was genius. Could possibly take out the National Finals.