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I felt as though this film stood out in the heat as being the most overall complete work. This was produced well on all fronts. Others in the heat that were obviously well made films still had a technical issue or two, particularly noticeable with audio. This one however, had great cinematography, clear and consistent audio/sound design and was cut together really well, with great performances by all cast.
As another Ultra entry in this heat, I think they did well to utilise such a talented young girl. Her performance really was great. Whether she was being downright adorabe or super sinister with a her little giggles and laughs, she had the audience on the edge of their seats.
This was a more subtle than expected film for its genre, but I think it played out well, as it didn't call for buckets of blood at every turn but still leaned into the death and panic of the scenario. The deaths were all varied as well and were shocking or silly or both which was great for the comedy side of things which Jovial seem to do so well.
When compared to their film from last year, it doesn't feel as though it has quite as much of a fleshed out story, but in saying that, it was still very concise/contained with an interesting beginning to kick off the chaos and a very definitive conclusion, which I think took the entire audience by surprise, judging by the reaction. And the simpler story worked well into their genre in any case.
These guys continue to show their talents in all aspects of filmmaking and again they were my favourite of the heat.

I liked the concept behind this a lot more than I did the execution unfortunately. It didn't feel so much like there was a real romance the audience should root for in a backwards world, but more like they were playing it gay for laughs. My apologies if either or both of the actors are in fact gay, but it certainly felt more like a joke.
There also wasn't enough substance in the middle to suggest how dangerous it was for them and/or what the consequences were.
I also didn't quite understand the little earpiecething at the end. Was this the puishment? Suicide? Was it the same thing that was used at the beginning?
A little more care with the script would have gone a long way here.

I think this was a big step up from their film last year, in terms of the overall finished quality of animation and had a much simpler story to tell, while still dabbling in the fantastical.
Considering they had the high school movie genre, I can appreciate what they were doing with the humour throughout, however it seemed to rely a little too heavily on the one type of joke (that being d!ck jokes) which kind of just left you waiting in expectance for the next big penis reveal at times. In saying that, the audience loved it and were laughing the whole way through, as was I.
The ending was great because the proverbial sword to slay the bully wasn't just another penis gag but brought back the poo that was set up earlier, floating in the toilet, which I didn't see coming.
A huge effort for an animation team and I look forward to seeing what else they do.

A bit of a mixed bag this one. Some parts looked and sounded great and other parts not so.
Considering the highlight (for me at least) was a musical number that was seemingly of no consequence to the story, is rather telling of the level of thought put into the overall narrative.
There were perhaps too many characters for the scale of the plot and each seemed like they would have been more interesting given more time on their own or in a pair.
Some good laughs though and a couple of the songs were great, but overall felt like it never really found its feet as a cohesive story.

This was another interesting idea that I would like to have seen developed a little more. The use of the home videos was a really nice touch and take on the life flashing before your eyes trope. The character interaction was really nice and the performances were solid.
Unfortunately, as the end drew nearer, it became more apparent that the resolution, or transition to the resolution, hadn't been entirely thought out and was a bit of a let down of a climax.
Again though, this was a really cool idea and I would like to see more of the same kind of ingenuity from this team.

Putting aside some of the low-to-mixed production quality of this film, I really enjoyed it. I think it was a smart take on an idea, that even though has been done before, still felt like it brought something fresh. Never hurts to have a positive message to your film too.
I admire what was done with the characters and costuming (very cool zombie mermaid) and felt that for the most part, the horror-stalker thing was done really well.
A few screws to be tightened across all departments, but with a little more work, I imagine this team will be far more competitive.
One of my favourites of the heat.

This was astonishing in its visuals, with the camera work, the "actors" (great choice for Ultra), sets/location, the props and minis as well as some of the gags. It's obvious Halcyon know how to craft something beautiful and the audience loved it.
In saying that, it did feel as the story was almost completely lost to the visuals. Unfortuantely I honestly can't remember anything of what the snails were talking about/what was going on. And to add to this, the audio was a big let down in its quality, particularly when paired with the amazing look of the film.

I don't have too much to say about 'Rubbery' (great name by the way).
I really liked the set-up, and it's shot rather well in a cool location, with some great jokes in the mix... however, it felt incomplete. The abrupt ending with the voiced-over credits, though very funny, just felt as though it hadn't been earned yet with more flesh to the film.
I do like that it was short, but perhaps just a touch longer would have made for a more realised story.

I really liked the visual reprensentation of the time jumps, with its seemingly random choice of stock footage clips. This felt original and creeped me out a bit, especially considering with how it all turns out for the lead character in the end.
However, I wasn't so sure that I was following the story and the guy's reasoning for continuing to use the time travel watch even though things seemed to get weirder and weirder for him each jump wasn't expressed very well. Like I said, the end felt like it worked, visually speaking, with the strangeness of the time jumps, but I was ultimately lost, story-wise.
Great concept and ideas here. Keep up the creativity and work on tightening up the rest.

Funniest film of the night for sure, in terms of audience laughs but the comedy is mostly all crass, shock value humour, which I enjoyed but is certainly not going to be to everyone's liking. It seems to rely more heavily on the jokes and visual absurdity than making sure the story comes across clearly, though I do feel I could mostly follow what was going on thanks to the relatively informative dialogue.
The animation style was really cool and the audio/sounds effects equally so. Great work on a funny, silly enjoyable look into a completely messed up world.

This was my pick for the audience favourite. The story was great in its simplicity. No convoluted plot points that often sneak their way into 48hour films and almost as often to the detriment of the film. The characters were really good; the two cops being solid "straight-men" to the pizza delivery guy's charming goofiness. The three actors turning in great performances too. Even the drug dealers/gang members brought their own unique flair to the final scene and really helped elevate it.
They really nailed the action genre, with a great chase/rollerblading sequence and a really cool shoot out with great effects and some cool stunts. It had laughs coming at the right moments too and was clearly a crowd pleaser.
This feels like one of those films that the competition is designed for and they did an amazing job. Great camera work, editing and sound to boot.

This was a tough concept for them to pull off as well as they managed to. Quite a serious topic, that did for the most part play out seriously but had a few comedic moments that broke the flow and tension a little and I'm not entirely sure they were all by design. Still, I was rooting for the lead man to get away from his abusive girlfriend, so it definitely did its job in keeping me invested.
A solid effort that they should be proud of.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who have not seen the original this was a sequel to, so that may have hindered my understanding of the story, particularly the ending, which seemed almost like a quick cop out gag. The film crew were the murderers all along? But again, perhaps not having seen the first film means I'm not in on the joke.
Regardless of my following of the plot, this film looked and sounded great. Really professional polish to it that they should be proud of.
It stuck to its genre nicely and some of the visual gags were really well executed. The dialogue was a bit clunky here and there and one or two of the performances weren't quite as great as they perhaps should have been to match the technical prowess of the film.
Overall, it was a good bit of fun, with a great look and feel and I think I'll have to go watch the original.

This was a really risky and ambitious effort from these guys.
I absolutely loved the style and look of the animation itself. Very professional looking, even if it they did apparently run out of time to finish up certain shots. The talent is still on display regardless.
For a film with no dialogue, they managed to put together a really heartfelt story, with a great lead character that you really got behind.
It did suffer slightly, I feel, from dragging a bit as the time period skipped ahead and you knew roughly what the new segment had in store, though the final chapter made up for it with a really sweet and satisfying end to her journey.

This film clearly had a lot of heart put into it and must have been a very personal/sincere story, however I couldn't quite work out what exactly was going on with the relationship and what had happened to cause the break-up etc.
Very sweet song though and a clever take on the genre.