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This was very well executed film. Despite drawing one of the harder genres, you guys nailed it.

Unfortunately I couldn't hear what the cowboy was singing in the first scene as the guitar overwhelmed it but other than that it was a funny, well made film.

Interesting tale about a boy's journey of self-discovery.

Really enjoyed the tea party scene. Other than that it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It ride the middle ground.

a solid little film that was quite well put together.

The shot of the tandem bicycle was really entertaining to watch, as was the catnip scene.

A pretty good entry, such a shame that it was DQd, otherwise it may have had a chance of getting placed in the top three audience favourites.

really dug this homage to cheesy 80s action films. Loved the sound effects and the story.

Unfortunately a few editing errors really detracted from what was otherwise a very good film.

Keep it up guys, I look forward to seeing your future work.

I didn't like that it was largely driven by voice-over, felt a little bit lazy. It made no sense that they didn't cut out the people that were still present in what should have been a deserted city.

Decent acting and some nice interplay by the two leads. It was a little bit boring.

Intriguing concept, however I thought the radio ads weren't funny enough to hold the film.

If it had been one to two minutes, this would have beena much stronger film.

It never really felt inspirational. Played it too straight-faced for the topic.

Some technical hicups with the radio at times overwhelming the dialogue. The script wasn't solid enough to sustain what was a largely actionless film. Nice attempt at what I imagine is a difficult genre.

Quite a disturbed little film with a hilarious mock PSA at the beginning.

Funny, irreverent, slightly offensive and very well made. Surely a contender for the final. I had to detract a point for the awful stereotype of Noah's wife. It was a little bit yuck.

This film was alright. Not as tightly scripted/paced as it should have been and I kept waiting for it to take off and it never really did.

Some good one liners and good production.

Despite what other reviewers said, I thought the use of Vic Uni's foyer was just preposterous enough to work.

A solid film that had a few acting issues and the script could have used a bit of refinement.

Overall one of the strongest of the heat.

a quirky and unusual film. I really enjoyed it, even though the songs were bad and suffered from lack of context and segues.

I suspect this was a conscious decision because they were gutted they got musical/dance.

Not a bad effort overall.

a fun little film that didn't take itself or the genre too seriously.

I really enjoyed the use of the prop, it was unbelievably sweet.

Loved the crass humour throughout the film and the final one liner.

Could have been more end-of-the-worldish, but a solid effort nonetheless.

seven minutes and thirty seconds of abhorrent filmmaking.

really enjoyed the use of green screen.

However, the crime made little sense.

strip away the gimmicky poster style graphics and what you're left with is a guy monologuing a poem that he probably wrote months in advance (with slight tweaks during production).

No rom and very little com, it was an ode designed to appeal to the sentimental patriot in all of us.

a very raw film that was everything I expect of a 48Hour film.

Interesting take on the horror genre, enjoyed the ending more than I should have.

A personal favourite of the 5th heat.

some good SFX work couldn't make up for the fact that the story ran solely in trite cliches.

There didn't appear to be an original thought in this film.

Cool intro video though.

well shot with good production.

Unfortunately the narrative was convoluted and hard to discern.

I felt that it was a little too long.