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You had us with the team intro and delivered in your endearing and heart felt film. A really beautiful story and an interesting take on the generation gap film. Nice work team

no lego?? NO LEGO??? WHAT IS THIS WORLD?? AM I IN THE DARKEST TIMELINE???? No Im not because Dog's Breakfast 2d animation is equally as good and memorable as their lego masterpieces. In fact the lack of lego meant i didn't have a part of my brain focusing on how cool their lego skills are and could fully concentrate on their script etc. A very very nice wee film with excellent use of ULTRA. felt like a hilarious animated episode of 24. If you go this route again in the future maybe you could see if you can get more expressions out of your characters as their blank eyed smiles didn't really change with the voice performances. But honestly that was quite charming to me. I loved it. the film so nice we saw it twice, well one and half times at least. good work forma great stalwart team.

What a fantastic first time film. You guys should be proud. You put together a really enjoyable wee story and with a bit more experience you'll be making kick ass films in no time.

Cool we genre film. Acting seemed good but it was hard to hear what they were saying. Yeah, great interpretation of genre

The whole first half is a chaotic mess teenage fever dream for the youtube generation but the end was so technically amazing that Im left questioning what I saw at the start of the film. Was the epic sound and visual fails all on purpose? I dont know. Is this art? Probably.

Always a team to watch out for, Cool Story bro delivers a great wee short here. The actors and camera work especially sell this one, The "awakener" really held it all together with excellent acting and timing. Good Job. The main joke that it was leading up to was the only real moment of "cringe" but it was definitely cringy. Also loved their use of wind. Pretty funny, probably more funny than the "big" joke at the end.

These guys are funny. Very funny. A few technical hiccups held this film back a little but I can totally see this group growing and making more and more slicker and hilarious films in the future.

I missed the genre on the team info card thingy so when the film started I was a little confused as to what the heck was going on but as the film continues it became clear and I really loved the premise. BTWF are a great team adn this years film was really nicly shot and acted with a cool script. Sometimes Mockumentary can seem like an easy choice for 48 hours but if you do it well then its all good, this one is all good.

A murderous couple celebrate Halloween by having the pizza deliveryman over for dinner.
The shots at the start in the forest were awesome, all that torch lit stuff was great. A few technical issue slowly brought this film down for me but it was fun to watch and the team were clearly having a good time.

Yip, best school team entrrant Ive seen in ages. Well done! Some really cool and arty shots! Also amazing musical skills. When the timing of the singer coming in after the rap verses was perfect. Great work. I hope you guys are super proud

This was really great, Such a well polished and cool wee film and a solo entrant as well! Phenomenal. Really took the audience with you

This might be my favourite film of theirs so far. Beautifully bleak. Such a great use of genre. They are such artful film craftspeople. Everything they put on screen is deliberate and well done. I loved how strong the storytelling in this film was, for a short with no dialogue. A very skilled and well polished team. Obviously Im a big fan.

Another slick entry by Brothers in Crime, a team I always enjoy scoping out in the competition, as always their film is filled with jokes and cool editing tricks. Great cast and great script.

Well this one was a great way to kick off the heat. Lots of great comedy moments with the wee doggie and the the use of coffee mugs. Not 100% sold on them nailing the genre but it was a fun little film.

What Dogs Breakfast manage to do in 48hrs is truly astonishing.
the shots they get in their lego made world made me totally believe I was in that house with the characters, its mind blowing, they have such technical skill!
Starting every line with "I wish" was an added scripting challenge but didn't stop them from telling their story.
Gotta lotta laughs from the audience too so a good job all round.

Oh man, I struggled with this one, I mean technically flawless, and a subject matter that, in whatever form it takes, is essential to talk about,
I just wonder whether it lacked the pathos that it was striving for. I'm sure others will disagree and that's cool, Obviously this is all opinion so whatever, but i think if you're gonna take on topics like youth suicide then you gotta really earn that moment at the end. I just don't think this film did.
Was a very polished production though with talented actors I was just left feeling that it was all laid on a bit thick
Really good to see a team tackling the heavy stuff in a comp usually dominated with comedies. I just wish it landed more with me.

a very smooth and flashy wee film this one.
The team know how to get good shots and edit the dickens out of it.
a simple story well told that the audience really enjoyed.

I 100% adored this one.
Yes the wig was terrible
Yes the singing was iffy
Yes their were some totally bizarre pitch shifting going on
but the HEART! these guys were committed to what they were doing 100% and I love them for it.SO much so that I felt like the audience was behind you guys all the way.
Good job

I always give credit to teams who decide to commit to serious dramatic films in this comp and Cool Story Bro definitely have a strong sense of how to make drama work.
Suffered a bit with sound issues and I felt like it was missing the heart and soul that last years winning film had.
It was shot very nicely and the actors all did their jobs well it just felt like it didn't quite have the punch that it set out to deliver.
Still a very solid effort.

These guys are new to the competition and as a first time offering I think they knocked it out of the park.
They clearly had a great time making this film and it shows in the final product which is crammed with cheeky lines, exciting lighting and gore a'pleanty

Another solid effort by the forever polished Chillybox team.
I really dig this team and how they always seem to wring the maximum level of awesomeness from their location, actors and genre to create believable and polished worlds and stories.
Good job as always

Good effort but ultimately a lack of story and cohesion let this film down

Brothers in Crime are the best.
Every year you can see them getting better and better. It's such a shame this film was late to hand in because it would be a contender in the Auckland finals for sure.

This film wowed the audience with its visual effects. Literally, someone in the row behind me actually said "wow". For good reason too. This film is visually stunning.

These are the kinds of 48 hours films I love
Completely mental.
Has to be seen to be believed
I loved it.
Blood vomit baby faces

Lead actor was really compelling in this.
The only thing I wonder about is if we weren't shown the genre "Alien" at the start whether we would know that its an alien film.
We don't need to be spoon fed everything and its great that we can draw out own conclusions about whats going on, it just didn't feel very extraterrestrial to me.
Apart form that it wad beautifully shot and acted and well deserving of audience favorite

Competent little two-hander with some intense emotional acting from the lead.

First Ultra film of the comp to be screened!
Felt like a cohesive continuation from their old film done so well that even though I haven't seen the original I knew exactly who the characters were and what they were about.
Nice tidy script and good acting.
A little more finesse in the cinematography would have served the film well.

Exorcists are bamboozled when the demon they've come to banish is a pretty nice guy.
A nice little story with some great comedy Dj-ing at the end.

Really enjoyable film with a cool concept and nice writing
Loved the deadpan delivery of the lines. A great effort

This was a really slick wee film.
The relationship between the DJ and the caller was very gently handled and believable.
Felt very similar to last years winner, using the phone conversation to give us an unknown event.
The writing was a little bit too ambiguous with the end moment being dragged out for too long while the DJ repeated himself trying to get information but with out changing his questions or asking anything useful
But having said that he gave an excellent performance and I bought his emotional journey 100%

I has a great time with this one.
The entire film is narrated with no dialogue between the characters
With a little more polish on the cinematography this coulda been a favorite for the heat.
The "knocking people out" acting was hillarious

Someone is being held in a cage in the basement of a suburban home while upstairs a girl plays with a pink teddy bear.
Some interesting shots playing with first person perspective but other than that it was fairly light on story or character.

A nice balance of horror and humor.
Really enjoyed the male actors transformation when he was possessed.

The team behind this one obviously had a great time and their sense of fun is definitely infectious.
The female actor really held this one together with a strong performance as the plot was a wee bit predictable. The script could have been a bit tighter in places as sometimes characters just repeated themselves.
The "ad's" that sectioned up the main story were an interesting addition, ranging from funny to bizarre, not sure if they were entirely necessary but they did help to sell the idea of a TV show.

An interesting little film.
A total douche finds himself in an afterlife consultancy office waiting to hear about his options for reincarnation. He gets some pretty sweet offers considering the life he;s led, but turns them down as he hates the idea of being female or non-white.
The actor playing the consultant did a great job of holding the narrative together and there was a cool gag at the end that got a gasp from the audience.

Really nice film, Well shot with a lot of polish.
has the audience Oooh-ing at the gratuitous drone shot establishing the city.
the strongest part of this film is the relationship between the two lead actors. Really sold me on the buddy aspect.

an interesting watch. Some arty black and white shots.
Plays a lot with fractured memories and dreams in a not obvious way.
Suffers greatly from being too dark. Really stuck to its theme but I'm not convinced its strictly on genre.
Strong lead actors.

Really cool concept.
A young couple (trying hard to look like a couple 10 years older than they are) have a row as an animation of stick figures translates their words into a physical fight/competition.
The actors did a great job, really grounded and realistic. The sound track under the animations was a little jarring to constantly come in and out of.
I felt emotionally engaged with the film and loved the end.

this was a fun and endearing film with a lot to like about it.
I think some of the choices where bang on genre especially the hilarious running away scenes and the waling into an MS Paint sunset at the end.
The story was a little bit hard to follow but the charm of the young actors helped to sell it.

Christmas/heist/revenge film where two teens plot to nick a huge Christmas present from a girl they don't like.
I reckon Christmas is a very tough genre and this teams story was pretty good., even if their justification for stealing Christmas was a wee bit weak
Unfortunately it suffered majorly from terrible sound issues that made it almost unwatchable at parts.

A really strong offering form a school team.
enjoyed how you took a simple story and gave it impact with fun choreography,clever editing, bright colours and hilarious facials.

An interesting take on what an "alien" genre can be.
Nice to see the woke youth using the competition to say something important.
A great idea to use Alien to mean "other" whether that is race/identity/sexuality.Is it true to genre, no not really but it was great to see young people making a film that was important to them discussing themes important to the world.
The quality of the sound in the film really let it down.

It's rare to get a 48hour film that strives for emotional pathos and even rarer to get one that achieves it.
A puppet movie where the puppeteer tugs on OUR heartstrings?? This was a beautiful film, professionally executed and well acted.
I hope to see it at the Auckland finals

Shot in what looked like a black box theatre, a group of imprisoned young people have their arm bar codes scanned before going to bed in a synchronised militaristic fashion.
On waking they discover that one of their number has been killed! And this plays out night after night until only one is left standing. I like that there's no explanation as to who these people are and why they are locked in this black dormitory/laboratory but the narrative itself is hard to follow. The audio problems didn't help with conveying the story so we never really relate/empathise with any of the characters.
The actors really go for it in places which is cool to see. And the use of wool for stylized blood-splatter from the victims necks up the walls was the BEST use of prop I've ever seen. Very VERY well done.

ADHDMI are one of those teams that always brings something a bit different to the competition. I love seeing the interesting new landscape they create each year.
This years film was a gritty black and white art-house style movie shot on super 8. Along side it's strong visuals this film also offers a rich and confronting soundscape.
The use of line in this "silent" movie was great, got a few chuckles at the screening but only as a form of release for the audience (I'd guess) than it being funny.

A film with the most inclusive cast I've ever seen in a 48hour film.
I love to see when a bunch of people from different walks of life come together to be create something, and these guys look like they had a good time.
Was it more of a mystery film than mistaken identity? Maybe. But the writing was good and they told a nice wee story in the 5mins.

I woolly woolly liked this animated film.
So flipping charming. And a love story worked on by a husband and wife? I swoon.
It's misleadingly simple but expertly executed.

So very slick. An excellent and clever take on the genre. There are some very smart and talented people on this team. I loved their film last year and this one is even better.
The lead did a great job driving the story and her co-worker was a great comedy sidekick to break up the repetitive nature of the narrative.
the ending left you with a real sense of trepidation where I felt the audience collectively holding their breath. Well played.

Two women fight because..... Christmas?
The only redeeming thing about this movie was its excellent fight choreography

Brothers in Crime are such a great team. I'm always impressed with these guys. Every year they get better and better.
This years film was slick. Very well acted and hilarious. Very loosely genre. I would say this is a Mockumentary with some puppets than actually a puppet movie, but I'm splitting hairs
Very well written. I can't help seeing Mockumentary as a bit of a cop-out but they did such a great job and are so darn charming that I can over look it.
Reminded me of early days Josh Thomson.

Punk is such a hard genre. I think it might be the worst this year. These guys handled it really well.
The take of Charlie was cool, loved the dynamic between the punks and Charlies thoughtfulness.
Good effort with what I think is a really hard genre

Stuck in an office with a a$$hole supervisor day in day out would do anyone's head in.
This wee film was a bit of a slog to get through but the payoff at the end is well worth it.

This felt like two or three different films thrown all together.
a high stakes crime drama suddenly thrown into a comedy of errors. A bit more finesse with the writing would have helped to make the transition more palatable
was left feeling that they forgot it was supposed to be a mystery film so just duct taped a mystery onto the end.
Well acted though and nicely shot.

Good effort from a young team.
Pizza delivery guys get mistaken for strippers when they arrive at a hens party.
The main characters really threw themselves into this film and it was great to see them having such a good time, that's what 48hrs is all about I reckon.

One day you'll understand how much you have me, One day you'll realise we have it easy.
So much potential here for good horror. Has a cast packed with familiar faces and some cool ideas with the "found footage" feel, but somehow missed the mark and ended up feeling disjointed and messy.

This was a good time.
I love an absurd comedy with a clever premise. That opening scene with the toaster was fantastic.
And the wee man inside the overalls was inspired.
For my taste, the cheap gag at the end was a little disappointing, but that's just me, It went over really well with the audience.

I bloody loved this film!
Such a great outing for a very promising high school team!
The writing was excellent the acting was great and all the deaths were SO well executed. I SWEAR TO GOD GRETCHEN is probably my battle cry from now on.
I hope this team sticks together and keeps making more awesome films. A real stand out team in a very strong heat.

I want to party like Charlie. Charlie knows how to have a good (if not messy) time.
A lot of go-pro captured footage here as a group of hung over friends piece together lasts nights brew-ha-ha.
What did Charlie get up to next, Oh man.
The party looked amazing and would have been hilarious to shoot. And Loved the Prodigy nod to the twist at the end.
The poor quality of the sound in the morning after scenes was a bit of a shame.
A fun film.

One cleaners battle against a relentless chip dropper.
Was a great take on a the genre and very well acted by one talented actor with on point facial hair.
loved how the stakes gradually grew and grew until the protagonist was left swimming through a ready salted sea.
The ending slightly took away from the tension with a cheesy one liner but really really well done none the less.