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I found this film very long and confusing, I got the gist of it but felt I lacked detail. It was however shot rather nicely and I enjoyed how you left the robot/cyborg part to the end.

Likewise with some other reviewers I wasn't entirely a fan of the ending. But this film was very clever and I enjoyed watching it, I am a big Sims fan and it captured some of the classic factors. Well thought out to fit the genre (which is a fairly tough one) and the camera and sound work did not have any big technical issues which allowed us to really watch the film, which is so important.

I was highly confused in this film, maybe I was supposed to be in parts, but overall I couldn't engage and it felt really long. As I've said for most teams in this heat the plot just needs to be simpler. There was however some very nice camera work at times, especially the close ups, which I always appreciate.

Another film with young actors playing adult roles.... really frustrating to see, but a pretty easy fix for next year! It was a pity this was extremely confusing as I'm sure your team understood what was going on. It is hard to create such a complex storyline and have the audience understand, which I'm pretty sure we didn't. There was also some basic sound and camera focus issues. Hope you come back next year with something short and simple.

Sound issues bugged me in this film which personally made it hard for me to engage with. However looking past the sound it fitted the genre and the storyline was nice and simple (perfect for 48hours) and it had some good laughoutloud moments for the audience. Tying up the technical sound hitches and getting some smoother camera work would have made this a favourite for me.

Musical is a very hard genre in a 48hours competition and I really enjoyed what you guys did. It was a bit confusing in the middle and cinematography could use a little more focus occasionally (but most films had this issue). Overall I was really impressed by what I watched, some great comedic moments.

Agreeing with MistaTeas here, one of the most frustrating things to see (and I know a lot of teams do it) is to cast young actors as adults. There is a lot you can do that doesn't require adult actors. The storyline was very confusing, not helped by the audio issues that lost us what may have been vital dialogue. You did have fairly good use of music however, that was really the only way I could follow the story and what might have been happening.

Fantastic last minute effort! Was a pity the audio wasn't in all scenes as mentioned in previous reviews. I think you did a really good job of this, it had some very clever moments. Although it did have some rather confusing moments as well. Hope you try again next year, there's a lot of potential!