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At first I was confused as to what was happening but then I got the vibe that it was done intentionaly. Gave you the thought that there was something bigger going on. Seemed almost like a horror out of the 90s.

Initially I was wondering where it would lead to but I quickly understood what was happening. Executed in a fantastic manner and made for a good thinker.

Was a great musical, well executed, and what a topic! Hard yards were put in, and made it memorable by adding in quirky elements. Great ending.

Where to begin...
There were some memorable moments in this, fantastic gags. Lead actor was great. Overall a good film.

Was a great film that was executed well. Had some great laugh out loud moments and was certainly one to remember. Cannot wait to see what these boys achieve in the future!

Was a great short film. Good story line that was executed well. I did get the impression she was being courted by her grandfather but was still good overall.