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Really funny. Great lead actor!

Probably my favourite use of the Bread prop.

Really, really lovely visual comedy. Understated and well made. One of my favourite of the night!

Hilarious. In runner for best worst short, I hope! It's a very prestigious award, you know :)

Congrats on getting audience favourite! I felt like in terms of the plot and the characters, it was a very whole/complete story (with a funny and satisfying conclusion!) which is hard to achieve in such a short amount of time... especially with such a plot reliant genre like Mystery. Super duper!

...Had to catch myself that was so funny.

Have to say I was a little confused with the genre setting in your film. I was getting crime/thriller vibes with plenty of great cynicism but even still not a lot of the 'hit&run' kind of black comedy tropes we all know and love as New Zealanders. Although saying that, it was funny and dark and awkward so... why try and always adhere to filmic conventions shhm. Good job.

Loved the line "tell me you're not Tom Riddle".

One of my favourites of this heat. I totes agree with steelpotato here. Great dialogue and some gag inducing, much needed, bread-administring!

Brilliant comic timing and some hilariously crude animation, it's a real shame that you were disqualified. You have our laughs and attention.

Nothing like some classic homemade body horror! A shame about the sound/video quality but the film was carried, none-the-less, by some hilarious performances and one jaw-dropping wtf last scene.