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This film had a great concepts and was a really nice spin on the time travel genre. It had so much potential that it was a shame the dialogue and the visual set ups couldn't have been improved because if they had, it would have been something really special. That's not to say that it wasn't a strong effort and an enjoyable film.

Great concept for the film and really well executed so the film didn't seem to drag at all. It was a nice take on the genre and timing was really well played. I wasn't entirely sure why the boss (?) was in the elevator but it was a great effort nonetheless

An obvious contender for best-worst film. Great use of DIY effects and a neat story that could have drifted off at the end but in fact ended on a high note with a sharp sweet twist

I thought there was some lovely artwork involved and a really nice, quirky take on the genre and character. It's always great to see teams that are willing to experiment beyond the traditional 'live action' filming. The final scene certainly lived up to the surprise ending and will have me terrified for the rest of the week. The only sad thing was that the sound made it hard to hear the character's lines of dialogue.

This film opened with an excellent first few scenes - really well shot, visually stunning and a nice voice over. As the film developed it didn't manage to keep it together in such a tight fashion and the dialogue between characters broke down somewhat. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable to watch and fun seeing the story play out

This film did a good job of bringing together two separate storylines, particularly as it involved various locations and set-ups. The humourous dating storyline was definetely the stronger one and the quirky first dates were well executed. There were a lot of nice touches in the film but it would have been more interesting to see a more developed and less cliched ending.

This film came up with a good concept to fit the genre. It was nicely executed as it moved amongst different locations and the technical problems with the image didn't diminsh the film too much. It would have been nice to see it end without using a somewhat worn cliche but it was still enjoyable to watch

This team landed the trickiest genre and did some great work in putting together original songs to fit their story. If they had concentrated on less songs and a little more plot then the film might have stood out more. Nonetheless, it was nice to see that clear work went into getting all their elements into the film

This was surreal and terrifying but really enjoyable. The whole film could have been shot in a more sophisticated way with tighter dialogue, a better sound mix and stronger acting but that would have probably taken away from the sheer pleasure of its execution. The way it turned into the action genre was well done and it successfully made everyone see mayonaise in a whole new light.

This film had some really good elements, particularly the use of song and dance and had an excellent dark plot concept at its centre. It's a shame that the sound wasn't smoother and the acting a little more honed as it had the potential to make a really good short.

This was a really sweet film that had a huge amount of heart. Their use of the one line of dialogue that was obligatory was appropriately comic amongst the rest of the 'non dialogue.' The film clearly brought smiles to the audience around me and although it could have been more sophisticated it was a welcome addition to the heat.

This was really well shot and had a nice concept throughout. The team covered an impressive amount of locations and made them all look great, particularly the pier at the end. While it really geared up in the middle sections it felt like the dialogue between the couple could have been tightened and honed at the beginning and end.

This was the best I've seen. Very well shot. Clever plot and great performance from lead girl. Some of the surrounding dialogue from the family could have been a little tighter but the rest was really well executed.

Fun film with an impressive amount of locations and set-ups covered in the film. Although there seemed to be some technical problems with the sound and a lor of the film was quite rushed, it was really enjoyable to watch.

Nicely shot film with a suitably creepy ending. Really good visual scenes and well-timed editing. It would have been nice to see some of the character relations developed in a bit more depth.

Good attempt to scare audiences with the use of creepy noises, rattling furniture and unseen terrors in a typical Wellington multistorey house. Some sharper editing and more careful shot set ups could have really helped it to come together. Good use of POV shot as one of the girls is dragged away

Short, surreal and fun in its manicness. It would have been interesting to see if it could have developed further

This film started well with some good humour and impressive muscle work. The substitution of Wellington airport for London was one of the funniest moments in the heat. It would have been nice to have seen deeper character and plot development

This film had a nice set up and made use of a Blade Runner style concept in a good way. The sound mix made it somewhat hard to hear the dialogue which was a shame as it seemed as if this is where the crux of the film was

This was a really amusing film with some great visual shots, particulalry of the fountains in Wellington. There was a lot of good effort from everyone involved. With a slightly tighter script and some smoother editing it could have really stood out.

This was a really funny film that made good use of its concept and had a clever eye for the cliches in apirational documentaries. The lead actor was very enigmatic and helped carry the film. Some of the elements - the insomniac and the given line of dialogue - seemed a little forced but the genre was played out in a really good an innovative way.

This film had a nice straight forward set up and good use of a variety of characters. The twist at the end was interesting and did well to avoid a typical ending. I think the characters and concept could have been developed a bit more fully for the film to really stand out.