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Loved the quality of casting/acting in this short! The crews dedication really showed. Cinematography was very impressive also. Nice twist at the end; the humor invoked by the two actors outweighed the fact it wasn't exactly the happy ending we were expecting.

Good use of a tough genre.

I wasn't completely sold on this short. While the imagery was exceptionally well drawn, it didn't seem to have the punch it needed. For what this short was aiming to achieve, I felt the storyline never really picked up momentum and could have done with a bit more depth.

Though in saying that, the mood and atmosphere for this short though was spot on and both the voice of the narrator and the soundtrack fitted perfectly.

A solid short with some great lines that got genuine laughs ("This baggage is my wife!"). There were a number of other comical moments that were well-received, including the detective and wife bonding while chasing the villain across a field.

An enjoyable short, will be interested to see future entries from Shadow Studio and how their shorts progress.

From watching "Gorilla Warfare", I got the idea that some sort of deal was occurring for a rare gorilla, with problems arising when the gorilla escaped. Amongst all this, a comical flashback showing the chase and capture of the gorilla is thrown in for good measure. Didn't quite understand why this all occurred in and around a suburban flat...

The poor lighting and low audio levels made this short hard to follow. It seemed to me the success of the short hinged on the capture flashback, which ultimately ran too long and was a bit excessive.

Would like to know if there was a story behind the edit that was screened. It seemed the whole short was filmed over one night (one would assume Saturday night), which makes me wonder if this team was pressed for time, had to begin again or had serious technical issues.

What seems to be a concept with potential was ultimately let down by editing glitches, inaudible narration and radically varying camera images.

I did really like the super mario-inspired team production logo though, got a good laugh!