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An ambitious sci fi. Great call backs to the Cyberpunk genre, and some impressive makeup and art design. Without resorting to loads of fancy effects, this film did a good job of making Wellington look like a dystopian cyberpunk future and told a straight forward story. Some solid work from an imaginative team.

A film that managed to be both moody and funny in equal turns. Takes a beautifully absurd time travel idea and tells a haunting story about the risks of messing with time. Another example of being able to make an imaginative story with the limited resources on hand.

A hilarious musical with a lush score, creative costuming, beautiful camera work, and an impressively polished piece from a duo team. It was a shame that at the end the dialogue cut out at the end during the screening. Still didn't take away from the sheer ambition of this film and what an achievement it was given it had two people doing all the work. Damn good job, team!

Another great film with a fun sense of humour. It takes what could have been an offensive premise on so many different levels and instead creates a fun film that celebrates friendship in such a distinctly kiwi way. Meat pies for bra padding was a brilliantly funny site gag. The absurdity of the whole film was pure 48 hours madness, and I loved it.

This was the highlight of the heat for me. Unrelentingly funny and dances closely to the line between objectionable and hilarious. Given the subject matter - a woman in a bathroom looking for an emergency solution to a problem - this could have been outright offensive to watch. But instead it was hilariously inventive, gross in that hilarious can't-look-away kind of gross instead of Freddy Got Fingered gross. The lead managed to create a character who isn't a caricature but someone who you could relate to and managed to sell the increasingly desperate solutions she considers. Two thumbs up. Great film.

A great example of how to use limited resources and gear to produce a memorable film. A film about an alien learning how to perform his first probing. Remarkably sweet with some clever jokes and efficient world building that implied the world outside it's single room location. Very well shot and edited as well.

An almost pitch perfect film. Great use of split screen from the outset, using a static shot on the plant to build audience curiosity before delivering an ever increasing mix of paranoia and absurdist comedy. Couch Kumara once again show how to make the most of 48 hours to deliver a fun film with a simple premise that goes where you never expected it to.

I hated this film. Because it was so freaking pitch perfect. It had a great confidence of genre, great cast, great visuals, great music and some amazing scenery. The story needed a bit of tweaking, but this is 48 hours so we often see a first draft quality script which this felt like. But it was a solid story with some great comedy. Shame we couldn't vote for this one. I probably would have voted more than for my own film. I like this that much. :)

One of my favourites of the heat. This had a great lead and some fun gags. It was an enjoyable film to watch but I did feel that while it had a PI it didn't really have a mystery at the heart of it. Just a series of great jokes around a fun and well realised character. Also the freeze frame finish was brilliant. Just would have been nice to see Snoopy Rupert dealing with a real mystery for the main part of the film rather than a set up for the punchline at the end.

This was a slick looking piece with some great moments. I felt the ending was telegraphed a bit and it would have been nice to see a bit more showing whether the therapist really was who he was accused of being by the end. Instead the ambiguity kind of undercut the film for me. Having said that, I did enjoy it and the final shot was great.

I'm not sure if this was a first time effort or not. Some great camera work, although it's a tough sell for a Last Person on Earth film if we can hear traffic all around in the background.

However what really undermined this film was the whole reflection back on what Harper missed. It felt overly maudlin and clichéd. I just wasn't interested in that aspect of the story and it mostly felt like filler.

Still the loaf of bread line was a great reveal and the final moments of the film were both fun and had some confident camera work that helped.

It's films like this that I feel really capture what 48 hours is about. So it isn't sexy DSLR music video gorgeousness. So the sound is a bit ropey. What it lacked in polish it made up for by having a great script, a fun cast and just capturing that "let's just make this" vibe that makes 48 hours so much fun.

One of my favourites of the heat.

The music was hypnotic, but dance music does not make a dance movie. An incoherent film that had some fun use of the prop and line, but failed to nail the actual genre it was aiming for. Lush visuals, great sound, but it felt like it missed the mark.

Nice nod to "Happy Birthday To Me" at the end. This was fun film.

Two women on a wilderness tramp find themselves the pawns of two competing dimensional beings.

Some fun ideas. Despite some wooden acting, the two leads managed to still be fun to watch. My biggest issue lay with the sound of the entities. It was too distorted for me leading to some of the dialogue being swallowed up in FX. The finish to the film was also kind of disjointed and didn't seem to have any lead up to the pay off.

Good effort though.

This was a very moody start to the heat. A young woman living on her own is seemingly being stalked by an unseen admirer.

Unfortunately for a shock ending this film felt extremely by the numbers. It was so clear what the twist was going to be from the beginning that despite great technical work from the camera, edit and music, the film felt more like waiting for the inevitable reveal instead of surprising the audience.

Another great example of "let's just get a movie made" that makes 48 hours so much fun. I didn't think it quite gelled together as much as others may have. But I did enjoy it, and the main feature shenanigans were loads of fun. (Albeit with some awkward editing issues.)

Good job guys.


I mean...


Despite some truly cringe inducing editing and technical hiccups, this film was kind of what I feel 48 hours is all about. Just getting out there and making a darned movie.

And that ending was totally out of the blue. Definitely made it worth watching and was a genuine crowd pleaser.

Some great jokes and ideas here, but like a few films this round it seemed to not quite get the genre.

I felt that instead of being a mockumentary this would have worked better as a film about a guy trying to write a new song in a world where one perfect song had replaced everything else. That would have been a pretty fun Against the Odds movie.

In the end this film felt like it was trying too hard to convince us why it was an Against the Odds film instead of being an Against the Odds film. ("Look! How could he have written such a perfect song. What are the ODDS?")

I did like how much of a dick the singer was, and the final scene with the presenter stumbling away from the camera was hilarious.

This was an ambitious idea, unfortunately it was kind of let down by being a little too unwilling to reveal what it was about.

The core idea - that something happens to the leads causing their camera to go back in time and end up at their home where they eventually are drawn by the mysterious footage on it to the point where it went back in time - was pretty clever and a nice twist on the time travel genre.

The problem was that there was far too much faffing about with people being normal and not enough elaboration on what was happening. Also the guy in the stocking suit was a poor choice of monster as he ended up looking comical rather than scary - especially in the longer shots.

Some great ideas, but it did need to be less incomprehensible cacophony of images and more attention to telling a story instead of an idea of a story.

Another film that kind of felt like it skirted around the genre it was about. There was a great potential for this to be a revenge movie with a difference, but the film became too bogged down in its groundhog day concept to explore the idea that the main character could have been the one having revenge visited upon him rather than seeking vengeance.

Such a beautifully simple core story which efficiently used a minimum number of sets, along with some great make-up and practical effects. The acting was solid, and the lead really managed to carry both the humour and tension.

Sadly the ending just was ill advised and kind of undermined the entire film. What could have been a twist that revealed that the main character was being tormented as revenge for something he had done, he became the character seeking vengeance at the end of the film. By doing this the film ironically ceased being a revenge film and instead an oddity with a revenge plot slapped on the end to be able to say "it's a film about revenge." But we then never find out why Morgan wanted revenge, who it was against or anything that is part of the genre.

And that's the thing. One scene change at the end of the film would have made all the difference. Instead it just went with a punchline that sat awkwardly with the rest of the film.

Some awesome technical skills on display here and great commitment from the actors.

Unfortunately it was also a painfully obvious story that didn't really do enough to stand out. I liked the clever tricks to show different characters in the same location, but these telegraphed the "twist" too early. The manic edits helped feel like we were inside the head of the main character but ended up distracting from what the film seemed to be aiming for.

At the end it just felt like a mess of ideas with a story that kind of felt a bit "didn't I see this story last 48 hours?" instead of being something fresh.

I seem to have been one of the few people in the audience who didn't care too much for this film.

From a technical perspective it was impressive, great use of set design and make-up, the acting was excellent and the moments of humour and humanity were great.


It wasn't a horror film. It was a drama and it felt both manipulative and by the numbers for me. The ending was too obvious, the fate of certain characters felt too much like a checklist being ticked off for "tragic disaster movie." Maybe I have a heart of coal, but it takes something less mechanical plot wise for me to be emotionally moved and again the entire time I was watching it my mind was stuck in "this isn't a horror movie" mode.

I did enjoy the use of the Morgan character and how his lies were serving to keep everyone's spirits up. This was one of the moments that did feel inspired. I also felt the use of the stress ball prop was a clever twist. But so much of this just felt manipulative rather than genuinely moving and wasn't really the correct genre which also served to take me out of the film.

Conceptually ambitious this film was a bit of a mixed bag for me.

The humour was great (I do love my funny films) and the performances were solid. I agree with other reviewers that it felt like the story needed something more to it. The idea was so cool and there could have been a great and frenetic race against the clock for the guy who was going to die. Unfortunately it did at time feel like we spent too much time with the wrong character dealing with what she felt were her final moments and about midway through it felt like the film lost steam.

Beautifully shot, this film definitely gets points on the technical side. Musical is always a challenging genre to do in 48 hours and I think this team did a great job with a difficult genre. I wasn't a big fan of the song, but it was well executed if at times it did feel like a string of ideas rather than a story.

Morgan as a Real Estate agent was a great angle on the liar aspect but he did feel like a squeezed in character to meet the obligation of the competition rather than an integral part of the narrative.

Still, I enjoyed the confidence with which this team committed to their idea and it was a very humourous film.

After a suitably fun opening scene in ancient egypt that set up a great Z-grade romp, the film then took an odd twist into David-Lynch-does-a-comedy land with the two sisters in the sixties. Personally, I didn't think we got enough story from the sisters or museum guard to make this a genuine converging stories film. But then it didn't really feel like there was much of a story here at all but a series of scenes that roughly led to a punchline that kind of missed its mark.

I really enjoyed the beatboxing and use of music and sound in this film. Unfortunately the story meandered a lot and took a while to really get to a point where it was clear what the conflict really was. There were some standout moments; I especially enjoyed the argument scene with the characters yelling at each other through a glass door. The audience could get a very clear gist of what was being said without the dialogue actually being clear. That kind of clever thinking shows that this team have the creativity to make a great film. Not perfect, but it showed some great promise and there were some solid performances for what is by nature a difficult genre to work with.

I did enjoy the initial set up of this film. Having an obsessive relationship with a computer game is something I'm not that unfamiliar with. However I do think that there needed to be more from Mel the Magic Mushroom to make the relationship angle work. The other problem is that the joke ended up overstaying its welcome. There needed to be more gags about how far this relationship was going and the price it carried. Instead there was really only the set up and a joke about Vic constantly fixing himself pet food for breakfast and needing his girlfriend to swap the bowls. As it was the ending lacked a satisfying denouement.

Great camera work, some really funny performances and a fun soundtrack.
While this was a bit rough in parts and a couple of the performances were a bit wooden, the overall experience was a lot of fun. It was a bit laconic for a race against the clock film, but with a sequence like the organic drug dealer and his mother, I still enjoyed the film overall.

I wouldn't call this the best film of the heat, it just didn't really work for me and while some of the jokes were funny a lot of the film fell flat for me. I loved the zero-budget ethos of the film, but I did find at times the performances and script just felt a little lackluster. Having said that - this is one of those films that only a manic script writing session late on a Friday night could produce. And to be honest the whole drill sergeant sequence was hilarious enough to make up for the boring bits.

This was kind of disappointing given how talented this team is. Great camera work with some genuinely creepy shot compositions. A suitably atmospheric soundtrack. But the story struggled in my opinion. It wasn't clear if the narrator was just a very disturbed young boy or a ghost, the best death sequence was the first and the rest were progressively underwhelming (with the final death being unintentionally funny because the "victim" deliberately kneels so that the killer can garotte him.) It just didn't seem to really go anywhere.

Great performances and an interesting story. Is it weird that I found their 30 second intro better than the actual film though?
I liked the set up of the film and the characters presented. Unfortunately it lost steam by the end with the final criminal act feeling like it missed a step. The end also felt a bit out of place next to the rest of the film. It did drag a little in the middle too. The make up on Vic as she fell victim to insomnia was great, by the way.

Great visuals, solid performances and a haunting soundtrack.
However I did think that the story needed more work. There was a cool concept here for a Reunion movie but I felt that the film didn't do as good a job of communicating what was happening. Instead it preferred to hold on to the mystery for as long as it could. When some solid exposition began, I didn't feel that we really knew enough about any of the characters to get a proper feel as to what was really going on. I felt there was a great idea in there, it just wasn't communicated well enough.

This was a fun film. Great performances, especially from the lead and the guy playing Vic Meyer. It probably could have been quicker with the set up and spent a bit more time with the art students and played more with the immobilised aspect - but overall I felt it was solid twist on the genre with some fun performances.

A trashy mum bad mouths her grandmother and ends up switching bodies with her baby.

Okay, technically this was a mess of a film. The director can be heard in some scenes, the acting wasn't great, the camera work was all over the show.


What it lacked in finesse, it made up for in ideas and some really hilarious moments. The mum came across as really trashy and the use of the babies was great.

Not the greatest film, but definitely some fun ideas buried in it that made it watchable and fun. I always feel that if a comedy can make me laugh when the the creators expect a laugh - then they must be doing something right.

Very much an "I don't get it" kind of film. The poker game was a predictable one room set up, and the plan to get revenge on Bobby wasn't very clear. So the characters set up a poker game an plan to... what? Cheat him out of his money? But they don't cheat.

So their grand plan doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Bobby was a suitably nasty character - but the overall acting and technical style wasn't really up to scratch.

Having said that, there were some moments in the dialogue that worked, use of the bent wire was clever and the freeze frame was well done if a bit predictable.

Clearly musical was a tough genre for this team and they did their best with what they had. It was a patchy piece with some good and some bad. I think it would have benefited from more story, but the troll rap was a pretty clever and there were some cringingly funny lines.

A good effort with a difficult genre.

I have to mirror what other's have said - this was a gorgeous short. The landscape, the use of depth of field, the framing - this was a beautifully shot film.

I loved the David Lynch/Oliver Stone style mystery and the final shot was nicely understated while explaining a fair bit. The two actors were a bit hit and miss with their performances, but managed to carry the hefty subject matter well enough to keep me engaged in the story. Freaked out when it looked like the farmhand was almost hit in the head by a hammer being tossed in his direction. My second favourite film of the heat. Great job, guys.

A "Pulse" style horror that has a love subplot thrown in.

There were some genuinely disturbing moments in this film - woman getting hit on head by a radio and the paper clip scene come to mind - but overall it just felt a little too ambitious and under developed. I loved some of the cinematography - the scene where the leads are hiding behind a wall and the overexposed outside has creepy silhouettes of people running past was a very memorable shot - but overall I felt that this film was undercooked. It never really did a good job of explaining who Bobby was or what the deal with the leads was, and the nature of the terror wasn't really clear either. I kind of got the idea, but felt it needed a bit more exposure rather than being background to the leads rather unconvincing romantic interest.

Although there were a few clumsy moments in this film, I felt it had great framing of scenes and the leads were just so darn adorable together.

Also, getting to trash a place looked like a lot of fun and the actors really sold me on it. The story was humourous and I loved David's rambling at the beginning of the film. Plus having a character beaten up by a banana was a hilarious moment in the heat. My 3rd favourite film of heat.

I guess this really isn't my kind of film. The non-sequitur style and general weirdness of the film put me off. The humour was hit and miss and it just felt kind of like it was trying a little too hard to use the animation to cover up for not really having a direction. Still - I can't fault Ghost Mother. We were singing that song after the heat, so the hits definitely outweighed the misses.

A reporter tracks down a superhero and plans revenge.

I thought the general aim of this film was good. The acting was a mixed bag though. I would have given this 3 stars if it wasn't for the pacing issues. About midway through the short, an exposition girl shows up to give the reporter a lead. She talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and... all without much going on visually. Just her face and a couple of shots of the area she is standing in. It ends up breaking the flow of the story and kind of got monotonous.

A bit more work on pacing and making scenes more dynamic would have made this film better.

I loved this film. The narration was great. It was unfortunate that the music sometimes overwhelmed it - but I suspect this was due to the technical difficulties of the night rather than the film.

Dragged a bit in the middle and probably could have had a few less "Bobby was a bully" reminiscing to move more quickly to the denoument. From when Bobby arrives at the beach, the film picks up again for a poignant ending.