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I thoroughly enjoyed the set up, great narration and charismatic leads, with stunning production value. An unfortunately disappointing ending for me, I'm not sure what the intention was - but I would've thought that we've moved past using homosexuality as a punchline.

Musical is tough, but it seems like Grandma's Nut-Cake enjoyed it by stepping into lowbrow humor and I definitely enjoyed watching. It was rough, but charming and some of the character's motivations were lost on me, but it didn't deter from the spectacle that ensued!

I loved the low budget action sequences within this film, I'm pretty sure everyone was in awe at the wee stunts by the lead actress!

Wandering Wifi is a nice idea for an urban legend, and the impressions of a technology-horror film was almost there, however this was lost within the mundane existence of a hobo. I enjoyed the lingering pace, (and the vomit), I just wished it developed a bit more.

Definitely thought of the moffilade boys, but, oh so good.

I enjoyed the aesthetic of Die Blutsbruder, especially with the lovely dolly shot at the beginning. Great White Buffalo definitely proved a certain knowledge in art and world cinema. I thought the use of editing at the end created a wonderful tone of fear and horror, it would've been nice to have a bit more of that tension evoked throughout.

Kids these Days was very slick, and well crafted. Although the story was simple, and after the twist, predictable, it was executed brilliantly. Best script of the heat, great acting by all, and editing (especially at the brutal ending) was well done, making me cower at every blow! Loved it!

A superhero (?) with the powers of wooing women through his magic hands. Loved the premise, it was brilliant and ridiculous enough to evoke laughter, yet still play within the erotic thriller genre. I just wished there was a bit more oomph at the end or character/plot development. Otherwise, good work!

A Problem With Tomatoes was an easy to predict film, but still, a fun ride! The banter between the two leads was great, and I especially loved the closing song!

"Not One Tear" is an adorable film. The puppets, sets (absolutely loved the graves), voice work and story came together brilliantly to make a film that is simultaneously heartwarmingly-inspirational and hilarious.

Silver Leaf was a nice depiction of an 'end of the world' narrative. By focusing a simple story on the immediate danger of an airbourne virus, they captured a tone of panic and chaos. The use of sound was particularly evoking, and good work with the guns!

Simple plot, with many fads possible incorporated into a small amount of time.
What stood out for me, was the 2 second shots of the silhouetted yoyo master and chatterings guy, preparing for their 'fad off'.

I always enjoy what the boys of Moffilaide come up with, and this was no exception. Charismatic humour, ridiculous fight scenes, bromance and hilarious dialogue... quite the Medieval epic. The plot was a tad disjointed, but I loved that it didn't matter. You can tell these guys had great fun making it, which just makes it super fun to watch!

Well produced film about Bobby Young - a reformed bully eager to apologise to his childhood victim. Very good acting from the main character, unfortunate about the strange glitches with the editing. I liked the ending idea, however it didn't quite convey the tragic meaninglessness of Bobby's quest.

I am disappointed to hear about the attempt to rig the audience vote.

Very Tarantinoesque, as the main characters argue and discuss sharing a mysterious macguffin of wealth. I enjoyed that they weren't overt about the plot, but it lacked a sense of cohesion that made the ending ambivalent for me. Nice visual style, good acting, and very impressive group intro!