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Way too much focus on the guy's penis. It was a good premise though and the team could have made a funnier film than the one they landed up producing. Usage of sexual deviance is a cheap way to attract attention. The last shot was quite funny, the end not so much. Better quality expected. Perhaps a nominee for a WTF Award this year.

This one was well executed. Great acting by all cast. Good direction. The obsessive angle was hilarious. I will certainly watch it online again. Too bad about the DQ.

This was my favourite of the heat. Great acting by the female lead and the double ending was well executed. Good use of sound. The non-dialogue movie, if well planned, can be a great narrative medium and I think that this team certainly has the skills to make that work. Good acting and direction.

This film was smartly made with a complicated enough plot line and some funny characters, particularly the old professor. Good job.

The Indian boss acted well. The main character was not bad. The imaginary side-kick could have been better and was wooden for most parts. Not much of a story otherwise.

Great acting by the lead actress. Some genuinely funny moments. A better end would have made this film awesome.

I didn't quite like this one. The throwaway exposition of Vic being an insomniac was hilariously bad. The showing off of a crew member's barista skills was overused. The set used for the cafe was also cheeky.
***SPOILERS*** The puppet ending was good though. Perhaps the team should have made a puppet movie instead. ***END OF SPOILERS***
Better effort expected in the future.

I enjoyed this film. I loved the Yakuza angle and the cheesy acting. Particular highlight was the Yakuza discussing the quality of Ramen on K Road and Queen Street. The other storyline (insomniac Vic) didn't really work for me though.

Quite a funny film. However the use of cuss words and impolite situations with soft toys is quite popular among 48 hour teams, so there wasn't much originality.

Editing was good in parts but could have improved, particularly in the first song: nearly half the song is one long continuous take of the actress' back. At first it felt like the team was taking a shortcut by using playback singing and not actually showing the artists sing. However seeing the actresses actually sing on camera was great. Kudos to the girls for doing so. Good job in the music department. The doppelganger was ambiguous and used smartly. Musical is always a curve ball and I think the team did a good job. Well done. Enjoyed the slapping scene.

This was funny and twisted. Good effort made. The campy acting suited this one fine.

Impressive underwater slow motion cinematography. Apart from this I found the narration a little difficult to follow.

Could have been executed better. The shocks were ineffective.

Good effort made. However it was clear that the team lacked direction. There was way too much dialogue and it could have been cut down by a lot. Dragged on for a bit.

Good camera-work. Apart from this, the storyline was well developed; however the execution lacked purpose. Funny to see the Church of the Spaghetti Monster being recognised.

It more of a survival story rather than a race against the clock. The team could have done better with this genre. Good use of special effects.

As the previous reviewer points out, the plot was difficult to follow. However some parts were slickly produced.

absolutely loved the moustaches and afro hair. quite funny in parts. always fun to watch young teams come up with charming ideas.

Pretty cool soundscapes. Not very memorable otherwise.

good cinematography and great job with the grading. This one held my attention in large parts. Perhaps it was designed to be unsettling; however it felt disjointed when it was over.

A lego horror movie is what I have wanted to do ever since I discovered lego. This film was so cute! I was amazed to see the detail and extensive lego landscapes created. Great animation.

This film was a definite head trip. The shining highlight of this heat. Full marks for creativity of story, sketches and the amazing music and lyrics. A strong contender for the finals.

An exercise in suspense. I found the narrative a little difficult to follow.

Interesting and creepy. It was quite stylish. Good attempt. I wonder how long they took to dig that grave.

Cute effort. The lady cyborgs were charming. Had some technical issues with sound mixing. Good story, acting and direction.

Funny film full of hilarious characters. The part of living the immobilised character's dream went on for a bit too long and the film could have ended a lot earlier than that. However, I enjoyed the dopey humour.

The dog was the scene-stealer. Great performance by him. The dog should definitely get an acting nomination of some kind. Some genuinely funny moments. Loved the dog's POV-shot. Super cute.

Battlesoup, as usual, do stylish films. The special effects were pretty effective. The acting and direction were good also.

It was funny. The usage of double entendre was clever. The scene of the entire family singing to the baby in support of the father was hilarious. Employment of humour of a level higher than teen jokes would have been better.

I must admit that it was a bit difficult for me to follow its narrative. It could be my own lack of patience. However the film did feel hollow.

Good concept although a little predictable. Favourite part was the Jehova Witness promoters.

Cute effort from young cast and crew. Loved the accent of the main lead. Its charm lies in the naivety of the film makers.

It is clear that ADHDMi values style over substance. While it makes for a visually interesting film, it lacks narrative qualities. 3D was a great idea. Watching the film with blue and red glasses made us feel that the 3D would kick in at any instance; however we only realised in the end that it didn't work and we had the watch the entire film in mind altering blue and red for no reason. Great sound mixing as usual.

The best film of Heat 2. Non-stop hilarity. Great use of visual gags. The main lead's acting wasn't that great, but the obsessive friend was played extremely well. Direction felt a bit dry sometimes, however it was the highlight of the evening.

It must have been a task to shoot in the middle of Queen Street, so hats off to the team. The team would do well to learn some editing skills, which could have helped the film a lot.

The cutest film of the night. The main protagonist had the loveliest of lisps and a wonderful way of speaking ('what? you are stuck and need help?' awwww). Good comic timing. I wish the team the best of luck.

Good style employed; however it seemed more like a thriller than a horror. Some of the direction and acting could have improvised ('we are off the hook').

Sad that this was disqualified. The audience really enjoyed its charm. It must have been a task for the protagonist to go around the entire day with his face twisted like that. It must have been painful.

Cute film although it had some sound issues. A funny take on the inspirational genre, which was a very difficult one.

I loved the way they pulled-off the one shot film. It reminded me of Woody Allen (talking to the fourth wall) and Richard Linklater (narrative moving from character to character). Interesting to see that they made the film into a time loop; however the end was quite tame. Technically the film was well executed, the actors are clearly having fun. Well done.

A fun little film. Perhaps some loose ends should have been tied up. How does the guy find the footage? Perhaps I missed it. However the film-within-a-film genre is always fun to watch. Slapstick made it a fun way to end it

Repetitive and badly acted. Was glad when it was over.

Funny and well acted. Clever, however the twist in the end is the story's greatest plot hole: the current would have given both a shock and not just the person earthing it. Wonder why the film was called Circus Animals.

Funny and crass, but the film had a lot of heart and was genuinely acted and directed. Would love to see more work by them in the future.

Don't know where to start.
Ok maybe the story: the film makers had a full-scale plot and multiple characters for a 7 minute film. In other words they tried to develop material for a entire motion picture and tried to squeeze it into a 7 minute slot. This is this film's biggest challenge. 48 hours it just not enough for a project as vast as this.
The acting: some genuine actors and some hammers.
Direction: directionless.
Special effects: A lot of focus was paid to computer-generated graphics and for 48 hours the makers have done extremely well to have achieved what they did. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly large sections of this could not be completed in time and the rest of the film was played out in front of a green screen.
Overall impact: On par with an Ed Wood classic.

Very good story which kept me thinking for the next day. However the execution could have been a lot better. It was difficult to know that the kid was simply in the people's imagination. This could have been more clear. Good acting by all. With a little more experience the film makers will develop an understanding of this. I wish them all the best with future film projects.

Cliched horror with a mash up of Ju-On and One Missed Call.

Great attention-grabbing opening performance but for some reason the film simply switched off after that scene. The rest of it was drab and boring.

Great catchy music that stayed with me later on in the evening even though it was the first one to be shown. Good humour and performances but kudos need to go to the music production team. This one was my pick for the evening. Well done.

Was quite boring and seemed to try very hard to please the audience.

Funny and genuine performances. Great twist in the end. However the outcome of the male protagonist could have been handled better. Memorable nevertheless.

One word to describe this gem: risque. Disturbing but well produced and acted. Kudos for a job well done. Highly entertaining but I can understand that it is not for everyone's taste. May develop a cult following.

The entire movie was set in a car. Great cinematography and effects. Good use of light. Questionable use of music, unless Fly My Pretties gave them their rights. Not very memorable.

Its a shame that this film was not in contention because in my opinion this was far better than the ones which are in. Good story and cinematography. Well acted and directed.

Neat idea and the girls performed really well. The jokes were funny too. Despite the makers' self-admitted loathing of romantic comedies, they have done a reasonably good job.

I feel bad for the film makers for drawing the most detested genre of them all, and when there is only one singer and no musical instruments available, there is nothing much one can do. However they could have improvised by using kitchen equipment, glasses, tables whatever for percussion and music instead of making it a capella. Lack of imagination on their part. Other than this obstacle, the story itself was fine. The acting could have been better and overall with some brainstorming the makers could have done a better job.

Lovely little piece and with a great twist in the end. The initial horror sequence of the self-cleaning plate could have been done without. It would have been great if a little more attention was paid to character development and his life without giving the audience any idea of what was to come because with a twist of this type it was guaranteed to work. Nevermind, with a bit more experience the film makers will develop an understanding of this. Lovely music.

Very professionally made. It was evident by the cinematography and background score that this film was made by professionals. Loved the atmosphere and ambience, the film brought out the claustophobic atmosphere and unsettling feeling of being stuck in an elevator. Good psychological horror. The highlight of this heat.

Good story and well acted and directed. Good job. The animation sequence was funny but seemed a little too long and out of place with the rest of the film. The documentary style at the start set up the right atmosphere and tone and the film would have been all the better if it had not lost its way in the middle. Nevermind, this was 48 hours and they have done well within these constraints.

A clever take on the body-switch genre. the jokes were funny. And it was great to see the film makers go around the challenges they faced with the production and resources. Not so sure if 'What have I got?' would qualify or disqualify this, which would be a shame. Hope to see more of them in the future.

The jokes were great and genuinely funny. I was eagerly looking forward to the rest of the film. However, I'm not so sure what the film makers wanted to show. there was a whole lot of walking for a significant portion of the film. I suppose the makers put it there to make it look like a typical crime movie. This was not required and the movie would have been a lot better without some of these meaningless sequences.