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Loved the crazy concept. The washed out, shaky footage actually added to the overall feel. Some parts were a little confusing though, especially the Bobby Young bully reference.

Great job on the zero-budget special effects head chop.

This film got off to a very slow start, but I started getting in to it after the reveal that the guy had a bag for a stomach.

This film had nice character development and an interesting concept. I enjoyed the sudden pinata reveal but otherwise the pacing was off.

I mostly liked the ending although I think the freeze frame could have happend quicker.

While this film had a great concept and some nice shots, it didn't hang together overall. The unfortunate sound issues were also very distracting.

The animation was cute but it was out of place in this film. More realism would have gone a long way. Cool team intro though :)

I felt like this film could have been really great, but that they may have run out of time to get it finished.

Some very nice well lit shots. Music was nice, and didn't notice anything too funky about the sound. Acting was good, and characters looked the part.

I felt the ending was out of place and spoilt the film for me. It could have gone somewhere other than the shock value ending.

Great sound and music production. However was let down by the lack of interesting shots. The location wasn't very well used.