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An interesting story that was well shot. I liked that the film opened at the film at the end, it worked for this story. The POV shot with the gun was pretty cool and got a good reaction from the crowd. Lead actress was pretty good as well.

I haven't seen the other film that is mentioned above so to me at least I thought this was a clever and interesting take on the immobilised theme. The lead actress was had some pretty funny moments. I liked the bit at the end with the keys, funny way to finish. And I have to add, big props to you guys for sticking it out all night in the rain. Production value could have been better, had a home movie feel to it which worked when the reporter went "off camera" but didn't carry to the parts that were suppose to be televised reports. I think the story was probably a bit too ambitious in that to introduce and systematically get rid of 5 characters in a believable manner was always going to be hard and as a result some of them seemed a bit rushed.

If this had been a mockumentary category this would have scored ok. It was an interesting story with some good performances and some edgy comedic moments based around the musical director and his "biases" shall we say. Unfortunately it wasn't, and it wasn't really a musical either. It seems like it is a tough category to get and from reading reviews from other heats it seems a few people every year try to dodge the musical part.

Great idea to work the story around hide and seek. Very well shot with strong atmosphere and good direction creating some genuinely scary moments. Nicely put together as well. Unfortunately as others have said the story fell over toward the end, I'm not really sure what actually happened and how it all tied together? Up until then though it was looking like a contender in the heat.

Great film, definitely one of the strongest in the heat. Clearly a professional outfit with slick FX for the exploding heads, good if not outstanding performances from the actors and a sharp, well structured story. A few good laughs too, particularly with the Dr and at the end.