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I am the producer for this team. I was mortified to read one of the reviewer's suggestion that someone in our team tried to steal voting forms and rig the voting. I immediately contacted everyone who was there last night to ask them about it, because I am certainly not aware of this. I was assured that no one filled in more than one voting form, and if I ever find someone who tried to they will NOT be part of this team next year. We pride ourselves on being a team of mainly amateur enthusisasts who do this to have a weekend of fun and enjoyment. Winning doesn't even figure in our wildest imagination, particularly when we see some of the amazing other films that are made. I absolutely loved the films that showed last night and thought the talent in these teams is amazing - congratulations to all the teams in our heat and all the best for those of you who get through to the finals.
PS - It seems I have to rate our own film in order to post this review - so I'll try and be unbiased and give it 5/10!!