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I am unashamedly bias in my rating even though you were dq - you are winners. Dolphin have been in this competition since some of them were 10-11 years old due to the fact that Ao Tawhiti is an Area School, we go from Year 1 to Year 13. I have loved being their film teacher for a few of their years and very glad that some of them are going on to film making courses or continuing to inspire at our school as senior students or teacher support. Such an inspiration that one of the Taniwha Road girls REALLY wanted to be a Dolphin this year but had to settle in organising her own team, lol.

Love to have always trusted Dolphin to produce stylish, quirky films that entertain ALL ages!!! This year was no different. You all never failed at impressing me even though I was never allowed to give any direction during the competition weekends because of your determination to ALWAYS do everything yourselves even when it was bad...badly funny... OMG. I was only ever allowed to just support by making sure registration was paid and unlocking school buildings but I loved that too. I will always be proud of you boys (& girls) and look forward to my Dolphins swimming with the Gorilla again as adults in te ao tawhiti (the distant world of the future) ..... ;)