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This was a great wee film- you guys know your stuff. I think if Super Self Me doesn't go to finals this one must have a good shot as well. Baby was cute as and you guys used him/her so well. I liked the use of special effects that helped progress the storyline not distracted from it. I can't really think of any points of criticism- maybe in terms of absurdity curve and the baby's pranks- pissing in a man's face is a tough act to follow so maybe that could have been done a bit later in the story? I dunno just nitpicking really. Best of luck for getting in the finals!

Brilliant guys. A really solid framing story for your short. Great lines and great acting from all involved. Easily would have won audience favourite. I loved that the alter ego was at the request of the shrink- I just find that a funny idea.

Only slight criticism I had was I felt that the second confrontation was a little too eagle vs shark and you definitely had enough in your story to not have it in there.

I was interested to see in another review that apparently it used to be common for superhero stories to involve a shrink. I don't know about that but I do know that regardless this was a great stand alone flick and one that I would expect to see in the finals or at least carving up on youtube views within a few weeks.

Super effort- I think you've improved immensely from last year both on the quality of production and script. And your actors were awesome as usual. Make more films and I will watch them.

A great simple one-room story and unfortunately based on the types of stories that have been in the news too much over the last few years. As usual great production values from this team. I think I preferred this film to your last years one and I'd need to compare with your politics one to see which I like more. Or am I blurring teams? Anyway still a great effort regardless.

One of these years you're going to win best actress. I have a feeling I might have said that before. But great supporting acting from the young guy as well.

Great dialogue in this one. I'm not sure I completely understood everything that happened in this though having said that. I think I would like to watch it again though once they're online- just to see what the deal was with it- what was the guy running from? What was he running to? So many questions.

Otis from Shortland Street- am I right? Anyway I thought this had a great setup- I couldn't quite pick if this was WWI trench warfare or modern warfare. But regardless well made and had great moments of drama. Probably needed a slightly better costumes to really pull off the tension you guys were going for- I found it a little distracting. Not sure if this really was a musical but outside of the comp that doesn't really matter does it? If I was voting between Nitro and Nimlin I think Nitro would have won it this year.

Best intro/logo of the heat I thought.

Great setup for the mystery- I thought the protagonist was a really good actor. The tension was built up really well I thought but I found the final scene with the conflict a little too strange but the twist at the end was cool.

I'm back in the heats with Nimlin. Cool. Great production values and like every intro in this heat they had a better one than my team.

I was interested to see that both Nimlin and Nitro had military service as a core part- I was wondering if that was a challenge between the two teams?

Anyway this short had some great moments- the comeuppence and twist with the policeman were great. It also had moments of confusion for me as well- the girl dancing in the fire, the woman riding through the forest. Still I probably liked it more because of these. A well made short.

Real shame it was disqualified. Well done. A silent revenge movie- great serious moments and enjoyed the moments of light relief. Strong acting especially by the female lead. I liked the resolution of the story at the end. I would really like to see you guys have a go with a microphone next year- if I had been given revenge I'm not sure I would have chosen silent film for fear of turning into a moustachey man melodrama. But having said that you succeeded anyway.

I got in a minor argument with team mates about this one. I thought it was a body switch movie but can understand how some don't see it as such. I guess I just think a fair bit of latitude should be given for these micro-genres. Anyway enjoyed the filming, dialogue and the score was cool- was that original? If so it suited perfectly. Great stuff guys. How old are you? If you're as young as you looked you've got an awesome future in this comp. Technically I thought you had good shot selection and the pacing of the script was a real strength.

The guy behind me was in this film. Apparently my team is his nemesis or something because of a snide remark we made last year. I'm assuming you guys are the same team that filmed outside my house last year as well? If so I've read over my review and if anything was snide there it was unintentional.

Anyway enough about the past- I loved this film- the unnecessary green screen, the crazy one liners (I left my notes of it at work but am I right in thinking the line was "I bet you're dying for a poo?"). I laughed for ages about that. Horror really suited the style of humour and filming you guys employed- almost NZ's answer to Darkplace. Brilliant- what this comp is all about. Good stuff guys- do something out of comp and I'd watch it. And stay away from my gate.

I love the films that get almost all the requirements out of the way in the first frame. This one was cool. Animation of the beard was the highlight of the film for me- and the film itself definitely didn't overstay its welcome. Great stuff.