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A non-linear Reservoir Dogsesque heist tale is related from the perspective of one of the crooks who is having his day in court. Great dialogue with some top notch yucks derived from the casting of a male in the role of the sexy gangster’s moll. The big boss Sione had most of the best lines and really chewed the scenery. An ambitious film in terms of characters (eg a judge) and locations (bank) and the low budget analogues let the film down a bit. I’m more a fan of young people adapting genre tropes to fit their age and circumstances than pretending that they are adult bank robbers, but this was still a fun film pretty much from go to whoah. It’s a good case in point of the reduction of the time limit from 7 to 5 minutes improving the pacing of the films. I didn’t once find myself bored by this film.

Lols ensue as an erstwhile facial hair enthusiast travels back in time to change history when the only thing he can grow is a Hitler ‘stache. A fun concept and a likeable turn from the lead made this a good time. More shot coverage and some more post production work such as colour grading would have added a more cinematic quality, but I still found myself charmed by this film. Good one.

Funniest film of the heat for me. The gags were frequent and varied from the dialogue, particularly from the Dad character to the sight gags such as the sleeping bag montage and the intestines scene. Looked like a lot of fun to make and it was definitely a fun watch. Sound levels were a bit uneven otherwise well edited and some good use of location shooting at the waterfall. Great double twist ending. I loved the film. Awesome work guys.

Phenomenal performance from the young lead made up for some technical missteps such as the soundless montage scene. Great use of framing such as the cups shot to Show that the adults were completely out of sync with the main girl despite their dialogue which suggested otherwise. A rare case of a young team tackling a tricky theme such as grief and nailing it in a mature way with some creative flourishes. Rough around the edges but lots of promise here. Great stuff y’all.

Just rewatched for third time and still unsure how I feel about this one of a kind film. Great concept, lots of whacky plot twists and you never really knew what was around the corner. The pacing flagged during some of the fights, but otherwise I was engaged for the bulk of the short film. The "skipping" pun got some very big LOLs. Very poor production qualities (bad sound recording at times, out of focus shots, sloppy sound editing) which at times added to the tongue in cheek meta-cinematic fun and at other times was a distraction. I'm not sure if more professional looking cinematography, tighter editing and a cleaner, richer sound mix would have hurt or hindered this film - probably both. Great ham-acting performances from the two leads. A real sense of having fun with cinema in both the story and performances. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't in the judges minds for best worst film. Very much in the spirit of the competition.

Creepy, paranoia fuelled chiller, although I'd probably class this as more of a thriller than a horror. The two leads were convincing in their roles, particularly in the first scene they had together. I did think that the writing and delivery of the dialogue in the living room scene before the climax was kinda clunky and not really realistic, but otherwise they drew me into the story pretty well. With dialogue scenes, I'm a big fan of getting lots of coverage, eg. over the shoulder and various other angles and shot sizes, even if you don't use it, so you can control the pacing and emotion of the scene. I got the impression that you only had your two-shot master shot for those dialogue scenes.

Some nice editing flourishes such as the quick montage of "sightings" and the multi-take editing of the match strike. Moody use of low key lighting.

The ending was a bit predictable, robbing it of it's power to scare simply because you could see it coming. A (more unexpected) twist ending of some sort could have worked better maybe. The only other scene that didn't really work for me was the murder scene. The burning of the body was a shocking turn of events, but the murder itself was not foreshadowed or given any sort of story logic other than "it happened". I also didn't buy that the sister would simply watch the murder unfold in a state of either obliviousness or abject terror - wouldn't she hear it and run into the fray?

Overall, well shot, acted and edited, but let down a little bit by the script. However, I still enjoyed this short and wanted to keep watching to see how it played out. Thanks for uploading!

Pretty much flawless from a technical standpoint. It's too hard not to compare to last year's effort, so I'm not going to bother avoiding comparisons. I thought this film was a much "straighter" rendering of the material than The Sleeping Plot. Whereas last year's film relied on some really cool "gimmicks" such as the shock ending, the framing of the adult characters and the disarmingly cute performance from the lead for impact, this film simply told the story in an economical, "classic" kind of way, letting the acting (absolutely top class) and the story speak for themselves.

While this was a much darker film than last year's one, there were still moments of levity and overall, I think this film hit upon a theme that is a lot more relatable than The Sleeping Plot. Definitely not a feel-good film, but I think you totally nailed it in terms of tone. Some of the other reviewers didn't like the ending, but I think you picked the perfect moment to end on. I wonder how many different takes of that indrawn breath you had the actress run through before you called it a wrap?

Overall, another awesome short. Thanks!

A film that really got into the spirit of the competition. Some of the footage was out of focus and wonkily composed, but that didn't really detract at all because the leads were obviously having so much fun and the quirky, twisty-turny plot was funny from start to finish. The lines delivered to camera, the website made from scratch and the use of several locations made this an energetic film with a playfulness that was really refreshing. Not the most technically adept film of the heat, but the most fun to watch. Really cool work guys.

One of my favourites of the heat. The ham acting was great, in particular from the lead and from his main scientist adversary. Lots of laughs from the silly circle-to-triangle concept, with the unabashed highlight being when the moon turned triangle. The climactic scene on the beach capped off the humour in ludicrous 48HOURS fashion. A film that was obviously fun to make and fun to watch - nailing the spirit of the competition.

A film with a familiar set up that rose above the tired plot line by a great performance from the awkward, nerd protagonist and some fine DSLR footage that featured some creative angles and generally well lit, exposed and focused shots. The storytelling at the end with the glasses was clever and while the film lacked a clear coda, leaving the plot thread with the bully dangling, the film still satisfied from go to woe. For the challenging musical/dance genre this was a really impressive effort - well done.

Such a sweet-natured, feel good film. The charismatic lead generated lots of sympathy and laughs through his attempts to find a girl. Throughout the film there was creative shot compositions and great use of iconic Wellington locations, lending this a cinematic feel. The sound mix was generally really good, with ADR mixed in with other diegetic sounds convincingly (I'm assuming a lot of the on location dialogue recording wasn't used due to wind?) The end was satisfying, but I was kind of expecting the new girl to take over the inner monologue and start stalking the lead. Really good work everyone - I loved it.

Lots of positives here. The lead was a likeable-loser type who really nailed it. The red, low key lighting during the time machine creation scene was creative and not something that is often attempted in student films - so props for that alone. The plot was promising, but then ended up screwing over our loveable loser hero whereas I was pulling for him to come out on top some how. Still enjoyable overall though - there was clearly a lot of effort put into this short film.

Convincing performances and a cool use of the stress ball prop, particularly the ECU on it at the end while the violence occurs off-screen. I'm a fan of lurid, Argento-like, set piece murder scenes in films like this and felt a bit cheated by the lack of on-screen mayhem. The film made up for it by including a couple of good scares, one with the victim suddenly appearing at the glass door and the other, even better one, with the killer suddenly appearing on the couch next to the final girl character. Overall, a slick effective wee chiller with some stylish shots and edits. Had easily the most professional looking team intro of the heat as well. Good stuff guys.

Laughs abound (unintentional?) from the genuinely obnoxious antagonist and in particular from the somewhat incongruous eruption of violence 2/3s of the way through the film. Lots of scenes needed more shot coverage than the one take wonders that were used. This was just silly enough to be entertaining despite its technical shortcomings. Good effort y'all.

Yucks arise from a mixture of film noir styled scenes from the protagonist's perspective and contemporary styled colour scenes. That hook alone had me sold on this film, but it also feature strong performances and pretty decent shot coverage. The narrative builds to a satisfying enough conclusion without really nailing the ending - I was waiting for another noirish plot-twist. I thoroughly enjoyed this film guys - great job.

Proving that last year was by no means a fluke, this was another very mature, clever story from Orientale. A more understated performance from the talented lead this year. I really liked the repeated use of the low tracking shot of the feet and the music (original song?) was great. Generally pretty slick, although the scene of the beach could have been mixed better so the guy's dialogue could be heard clearly. Slightly outlandish plot twist, but still really effective; a genuinely sweet tone was achieved in the final third. In a very strong heat of school teams, this film stood out. Another really good film from a super talented group of younguns. Great work!

Simply a fun film from go to whoah. The low budget aesthetitc was embraced and things like the totally obvious ADR became part of the impish joy of it all instead of a negative. The actors really threw caution to the wind and went for broke with public tomfoolery, singing, dancing, rough-housing and screaming. This film totally nailed the spirit of the 48HOUIRS competition - grab a camera and some mates and have a mean time making a film with all your heart and soul. The Dad Song should have won best song. Next time bring some headphones and an external mic so you can monitor the sound recording on location. I actually think a more coherent script may have hindered this film rather than helped, but generally it's a good thing.

Well acted from all those with speaking parts and there were some very nicely composed shots such as the crane shot outside the cafe and the dutch angle shot of the dangling feet. Not a big fan of the expository voiceover as a storytelling short cut and would have liked a more practical gore effects (only way to go) and a bit more suspense as opposed to the action scene climax. Vic Meyer cut an imposing figure mowing down the foes at the end, which wasn't really consistent with the bookish, timid character from the start of the film. Still, I thought the repetition of the card was a nice way to close the narrative.

Funniest film of the heat by far. Not only was it a hoot, but it was also very competently made, nailing the B-Grade vibe on purpose as opposed to falling into it through sloppy film making. Best bits: "this is the SD card" and the most memorable head explosion scene since Scanners. Great job guys.

A non-linear tale of a possession resulting from an ill-considered, drunken seance. The Hangover meets The Ring in a cage-match with no holds barred. While I thought the narrative clarity and shot coverage of scenes could have been a bit better, there were quite a few things I really liked about this short: The little character moments such as the stoner wiping her nose, the attempt to clearly differentiate characters through performance and costume (something other school teams often forget about), the makeup effects on the ghost girl and some of the fast paced editing. All the actors went for it as well. For a first time effort, this was pretty dang good.

A misleading exposition about normal domestic discord suddenly descends into a surreal meditation on loss, love and the inability to take back the time you have wasted. I found myself drawn into this narrative as soon as the moody hallway scene began. Several of the images worked quite powerfully symbolically such as the glass - once it's broke, it's broke. Sound (the constant technical bugbear) was problematic in places but didn't detract overall. This is one of the more mature school efforts I've seen as it did actually achieve an art-house sensibility and aesthetic while not being overly pretentious. The narrative has a sense of closure with the final voiceover, but didn't provide any emotional catharsis at the end. I guess that, thematically, this was consistent with the film makers' objective. I've thought about this film since the screening, so that's saying something. 4/5

I was helping this team for a good chunk of the weekend (along with the other 7 teams from Newlands!) so I'm biased. Having said that, I do think this is the slickest and most polished school 48HOURS film that I've been a part of (or that I've ever seen come to think of it). The camera people and editors were very stylish and hip in their approaches and I think it really paid off. The dialogue could have been slightly louder a couple of times, otherwise it was technically spot on. The guys were pretty proud of the thing at the end of the weekend (for most of them it was their first venture into short film making). Lots of student talent in the team. A pleasure to be a part of. 5/5

Just saw in the screening room. Really enjoyed this ZOM-ROM-COM. The guy who played the lead was (literally) the heart and soul behind the success of this film for me. The line between humour and tragedy and horror was handled very well - I felt I was in the safe hands of some confident story-tellers.

Great to see the use of DIY practical effects instead of digital. Some were a bit fake looking, but nothing really detracted from the film.

Favourite shot: the big spike looming up from the right hand side of the frame - this was a funny parody of horror film tropes, but also just solid storytelling. Great job guys.

Just to set the record straight. After some sleuthing it has become evident that the negative reviewer going by the moniker "Cinefiles" has no association with the Newlands College Cinephiles team or Newlands College for that matter.

Unfortunately, this troller has sullied the team's name and obviously earned the ire of several other reviewers. The Cinephiles (note correct spelling) are actually a great bunch of young people who would not stoop to such behaviour. That's the thing about the internet, I guess - anyone can be anyone.

I would very much appreciate it if people would edit their reviews of this film to remove any damning criticism that is based on your reaction to reviews posted by "Cinefiles", a rapscallion who should indeed be ashamed. Many thanks.

Others have pointed out the failure to stick your genre conventions, and as a big fan of found footage horror I must say I felt a little robbed. Oh well...

What I liked about this film anyway was the quality and enthusiasm of the acting by the fairly large cast. Everyone was going for it and despite a largely nonsensical plot, there was a certain enjoyment to be had just watching the actors chew through the scenery. Some of the dialogue was great as well. Looks like you had a fairly decent camera (a DSLR?) and some of the shots were very crisp, whereas others don't appear to have been focused or lit the same resulting in a lack of continuity within scenes. Having said that, there were fewer intrusive technical fails in this film than in some of the other ones and overall, I found it to be highly watchable. Good effort.

I quite enjoyed this film. The story and acting was strong, in particular I thought the male lead portrayed his somewhat sleazy character to a tee and the girl who got possessed had a certain feline-like quality. The white eyes was a subtle but effective technique. The murder scenes could have been filmed a bit better in terms of shot coverage, but the image of the girl's blood spattered face was pretty effective.

While perhaps not an "erotic" thriller, what do they really expect when you're supposed to be aiming for an "M" rating ?!? Kind of an unfair genre in that sense. There was definitely erotic tension, particularly the hallway scene, but I guess you couldn't (and probably shouldn't) really have pushed this any further as a school team in V48 Hours. Overall, I think you did a good job. Well done.

Apparently I was the one laughing the loudest during this film. Lots of great moments: The harness dance, the unexpectedly explicit first song, but my favorite aspect of the film was the overdubbing on the girl: weird, unexpected, inspired. This is a future cult classic. Awesome job guys. I hope you upload it eventually so I can watch it again.

Great dynamic between the two actors in the frame story at the beginning and end. The lead was well cast, a moody looking down on her luck girl who descends into madness and murder.

The twist was kind of confusing, but also a little bit inspired. Film is a medium which works on the subconscious level first and foremost and should not always make logical, linear sense. Having said that maybe certain aspects of the script like the murder scene investigation by a reporter, could have been thought through more.

I don't think it was a total success, but I did quite enjoy this film.

Good sound effects, but the film was crying out for some digital muzzle flares and maybe digital blood bursts. Some of these can be found for free online otherwise consider purchasing Action Essentials 2 in case you get saddled with the action genre again. Despite this and one weird scene where the hero gets shot repeatedly from a car-bound gunman, I actually really liked the energy of this film. Maybe the "tooling up" scene at the beginning could have been tightened up in the edit, but there was quite a bit of pace and forward momentum overall. I also quite liked the multiple changes in the color palette, lending the film an almost abstract, nouvelle vague kinda feel (ok maybe that's going too far). Good effort guys.

Great setup and probably the coolest location for a horror movie. I feel as though the film was lacking one or two more scenes of suspense involving the final girl. The worst part of any horror film, even good ones like Scream, is when the killer's motive is revealed, robbing him of his power to scare through the act of making him knowable. Some nicely composed shots using objects and building to frame the action. I hate to admit it, but I was craving a bloodbath somewhere in this film. Where were the shooting geysers of red? Quite a few nice little moments in this short film, nonetheless.

I thought this had some of the best cinematography in the heat with great use of locations and the low key lighting. The story was a good one, with some good acting and well rounded characters. I almost thought it could have gone on a bit longer to wring more out of the climax and coda, but that's V48 - 7 minutes only! A good looking film and great to see students playing it straight with the genre instead of descending into parody.

Totally biased 'cause I played the beleagured teacher in this short, but I thought it played really well at the heat tonight. Just the right mix of pathos and humour and I actually found the ending quite moving. Well done you guys!!!

Cool idea for the one-shot film - a meta-film. Had potential and I quite liked the use of music, but there wasn't really a payoff after quite a good setup at the beginning, so maybe think more about the script next time. Good effort at trying something "out of the box" though.

Great logo! Really liked the performance of the driver. In fact all the performances were really good. My only complaint was the way the death scene was shot; too difficult to achieve with one long take unless you're actually going to stab him (not recommended) so the effect has to be created through a variety of shots, editing and sound. Otherwise, this was a solid little narrative. Great effort.

Totally biased because I helped out quite a lot on this film. Nonetheless, we're all pretty proud of it as abject first timers to the comp. We ran out of time so some of the sound editing could have been a lot better, but overall I think we got pretty close to the script idea the group came up with on Friday night. Never laughed so much in 48 hrs and enjoyed the heat tonight a lot so was a worthwhile experience even if it doesn't get anywhere.

Wow. You should be really proud of this film guys. Right from the first shot with the clown you had me. Tight little narrative with great use of props and a very convincing performance from the lead. Awesome freeze frame ending; the best of the heat. Good one.

Cool action scene at the start. The box was a good way to tackle this genre but maybe didn't have the satisfying payoff that makes for a really great mystery. Still, the twist got some good laughs. Pretty good performances from the lead and his girlfriend. Good one guys.

Tricky genre and I think you did a pretty good job with the flashbacks and the twist at the end. The flashbacks had some cool shots; maybe you could have spiced up the police procedural bits in a similar way with different camera angles and lighting. Cool wee film overall. I liked it.

Great use of contrasting performance styles to achieve humour. A bit more shot variety and precision with the editing and sound and this would have been comic gold. Still really enjoyed it though. Good one guys.

Biased because I teach these guys, but for an all-student production I thought this was damn good. The humour and suspense of the slasher film was present, some nice death scenes, particularly the hangings and good use of the notorious Newlands fog. Only complaint would be the conspicuous lack of gore after John's head was repeatedly staved in with a pole. Great work guys. For first-timers you should all be proud!!

A difficult genre to be sure. You pretty much got a lot of the conventions in terms of narrative but not enough of the stylistic conventions, in particular fast paced editing, costume, crazy angles and camera movement. Glad it was you and not me that got this genre though! Some good humour at times.

A difficult genre to be sure. You pretty much got a lot of the conventions in terms of narrative but not enough of the stylistic conventions, in particular fast paced editing, costume, crazy angles and camera movement. Glad it was you and not me that got this genre though! Some good humour at times.

Unusual take on this genre. Liked the performance of the mother character. Where did you get a coffin?? Could have done with less dialogue and greater variety of shots to tell the story. Good effort.

Enjoyed the performances. Thought the adherence to genre was a wee bit unclear. Overall though, I liked this. Set a good standard as the 1st film of the heat