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There seemed to be some great potential here. Might have been a touch ambitious. The dubbing unfortunately took a bit away but so did the unnecessarily complex story. Try working with just one or two of those themes and fleshing them out. Loved the rowing shots.

The animation was great and the story was fun though I got a bit lost sometimes.

Why did he kill the rest of the crew?

Liked the end a lot and the talk of frame rates.

It seems lots of people were confused by the timeline issues. I found that was part of the journey and didn't detract. I really loved this film and was truly horrified by the ending. I am always pleased to see non comedy films in the 48 and this one was really, really strong. I liked Dr Jekyl's film but I think this one should have won the Auckland finals..

Wow! So much work has gone into this, I can't believe you were only a few seconds late! If I had tried to make this I think I would have been a couple of weeks late. Well done on a great short film and I'm sure you are a strong contender for the best disqualified film.

I never really understood what was going on. DQ'd because it was late? Might be worth re-editing it and posting a link in the forums so people get to see what you were intending to produce. Well done for getting something in though. I know its demoralising missing the deadline.

I feel this movie was really ambitious and only achieved part of what it could have done. I think that the script needed to be edited back to about 2/3 of what was shown and the remaining time spent in aftereffects going even further to give the film a cyberpunk feel. The audio was a bit uneven with the music drowning out the dialogue at times but that may have been the theatre set up. The last scene was great and I think works better for not seeing the kiss.

Very clean editing, story was told succinctly, perhaps best use of line in tonight's heat. I respect a film that knows what it can realistically achieve given limitations of crew, genre, etc but given the obvious technical skill which is on this team would like it to be a tiny bit more ambitious.

Not to take anything away from the winners which were great but this was probably my favourite film of this year. I felt it had one of the strongest stories in the whole festival and I thought the ending was great. I liked the comedy element as a catalyst and the spoons scene was a classic. The final shot didn't quite hold up in quality on the big screen (hero cam on a model helicopter?) I felt but it was worth sacrificing the quality to get the shot.

I liked the ending but thought the spilt canister could have been better made. Liked the large range of dead people but would have been good to see some in groups and from more creative camera angles. Enjoyable watching though and would happilly watch again.

Really enjoyed this film at the screening. Perhaps my favourite of the night. Good acting by the lead and a good all round story. Found the CCTV idea over used. I would like to have seen a bit stronger emotions in the final scene but overall good job.