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Awesome original idea. It was nicely shot and there seemed to be a real connection between actors. On a side note that's got to be the most funny team intro I've ever seen.
My main criticism is I thought the end dragged on a tiny bit too much. I would have been content with the film finishing on the park bench.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next!

Great example of how executing a simple story can have such an awesome impact. Even more impressive having accomplished this as a duo ultra entry.

Best lead actor for the dog surely?

Loved this film. The idea was perfect and well executed. The style seemed super similar to the American 'The Office' which never ceases to make me laugh.
Should hopefully be a finals contender!

Seems like we've gone full circle.

10/10, Disqualified Tim strikes again with my favourite film of the heat. Filled with humour, hope, heartbreak, and love, this film will leave you thinking: "what the..."