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As has been said, beautiful piece of filmmaking. I really liked the pace and an uplifting final scene

I liked this film alot. I think due to the passage of time it was able to create, along with a really nice take on FAD. Postit notes are also a great way to advance a narrative. Good job and sorry this one was dq'd

Was that a real life Marilyn Hudson reference?
I liked it :-)

Forget pole dancing girls. Try SUZYCATO-101!
Were those pebbles or M&M's in the Stranger Danger song?

This one was actually quite charming, and the narration was almost hypnotic, albeit a little incomprehensible at times. A quirky little tail.

I liked this one. It was other-worldly. It had some spunk and was not afraid to go out of body. I'll give this one 3 Mea culpa's out of 5.

moping out of the theater was a bad move

This one established quite well actually. It had some nice moments visually, and kept me interested. The actors repeated one-liners were a little unimaginative in terms of the use of the compulsory dialogue, but the lead was very enigmatic & solid in his role. I was disappointed when they pulled the cliche ending, probably will harm this films chances. Or maybe not. Nice originality for the most part.

Overall the premise on this one was sound, but lost in the execution I'm afraid.
I had to concentrate really hard to follow the narrative as it was edited rather haphazardly together, with some clear disparities in the tone of the direction.
The cafe scene lost me for too long as it sit sat on a wide for too long, and there were some unnecessary gags intersecting what could have been a climatic plot.
Nice VFX on the switch, and good comic value via the Doc, but overall too patchy.

Nice locations. Well filmed. Good use of prop (compelling use of prop in fact). Female lead was very convincing.
Even though the story was predicable this film held my attention throughout. There were some technical issues, but overall a solid effort