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This team immediately deserves huge credit for having the courage to take on a serious and meaningful topic-what would a person do if she had one day to live? It is much easier to try and get some laughs or to show off a clever idea, which is what most teams end up doing. The difficulty for a team which tries something deeper and more serious is that the margins for error are small, and even smaller given the short timeframe.

After taking all of this into account, this film was a great achievement and the team should be proud. The idea and the script and the acting were all great-taking into account the inherent difficulty factor.

I hope that this team continues to try to take on difficult topics, rather than taking the easier options. If you do, I suggest trying to delve even deeper into the characters' thoughts and motivations- and then their actions-given the circumstances they face. If you do this, you may find that it solves plot issues such as those identified in other reviews. It may also mean that it is not necessary to actually state your message in writing at the end of the film. A well told story conveys the message itself.

Three girls head out to steal something and end up with doughnuts. This was all the storyline required to showcase some very funny and engaging characters doing funny and engaging things. I hope this team continues to make films and that they do not lose their creativity, spontaneity and cleverness.

A young man sitting alone in the dark sees an ad for a woman in a box. As the rain falls outside he 'orders a girlfriend.' She arrives and he discovers that, unlike virtually everything else in modern society, affection and companionship cannot be packaged and sold.

This was not a typical school entry, addressing issues of loneliness, unrequited yearning, the commodification of romance, the objectification of women and the complexity of relationships, and all in less than five minutes. This team succeeded in conveying something meaningful through the awkward longing of the male lead, the deadpan empowerment/disempowerment of the female lead, the original music, the astute and creative editing- including highlighting a heart in red as they head to the bedroom, and the script which ended with:
- Do you love me?
-Do you want me to love you?
-I love you.
Obviously this is not love. The film ends with the couple together but still alone.

Congratulations to Glacier Productions for having the courage to explore such difficult issues.