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Nice work, cool take on the genre (I always think it's a bit of a cheat/cop out to do a mockumentary of the genre but I think that may just be me being picky). The opening sequence with the bridge was full on laugh out loud stuff.

Absolutely nailed the genre good fun movie.

Wonderfully silly - good performance from the lead actor (not the rock, the other one :-))

Really nice film, well shot, cool idea and decent acting. My favourite in heat 1

Good effort - could have been clearer with the ending, it was a bit rushed. Bit of a mix on the acting - some really good, some.... not so much :-)

Good laughs in this but have to agree the ending was a bit slack. I did love the SHITT reveal though

Nicely shot and lit and I really liked the shot around the writer to his hand holding the gun, maybe a bit too serious (but that's just me). A bit obvious I thought.

Nice effort shame about the DQ. A couple of good gags and decent performances from your actors

Nice try for basically a one man team, and all on webcam is kinda cool. If it had said upfront that it was all shot that way then I wouldn't have sat through it thinking "this camera work is dreadful". Brave attempt.

I liked the premise and there were moments that worked well but it didn't really hit the genre (tough though it is with what was obviously a small team) and the tech stuff (lighting/sound) wasn't great.

Technically good, probably the best in the heat on that score but the story didn't really carry me along

Very nice, shame about the DQ. Reminded me a bit of the winner the other year (with the guy building a boat) with the linedrawn animation but awesome nonetheless. Would have voted this no.1 if I could

Fun, probably my fave in the heat. Really liked the acting from the lead guy he really carried it.