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I tried to understand what was happening but I had the feeling that I had missed some vital clue early on and never got into it. Reading another review and thinking back to the film it does now make a bit more sense though. Brave guy laying down in that bath, and very wise not to fully immerse himself!

Needed a bit more story or a re-ordering of the list to have some kind of build-up to something (anything!) to end the story on a high (or a decent down-ending). Didn't do much for me.

I just did not get this.

Great concept. Annoying as fuck to us "pre-millennials" in parts which was probably the intention. Just some ramped up production values and this one could've been a classic.

Suitably weird idea for 48 hours. Probably a more convincing fit for a "Mockumentary" genre than star-crossed lovers tbh but enjoyed it all the same. I'll never be able to cross the Tuakau bridge again without thinking about this film...

Must confess I actually thought the "rock" concept was a bit dumb at the beginning but it was worth sticking with it it just for the final scene joke!

Great effort. Spectacular SFX on the ute.