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Fucking bonkers. Absolutely insane and fun. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved this surreal absurdity. Some of the costumes were legitimately amazing. Can't wait to rewatch this one!

This is a superb sequel. Whereas the first film was contained in one room with the end of the world looming over, this one let's it spiral out in beautiful chaos. The stakes were honest and high, and the performances, particularly of the lead playing Charlie Flowers, are satisfying and impressive. Amazing original score too. I feel like we need one more to wrap up the Time Trilogy!

Clever premise and well directed. The acting was spot on and the cinematography was gorgeous. The ending could've been really sappy, but it wasn't - it was poignant and truthful. Great film!

This was a slick film. Great production value, on point performances, and great pacing. The story, while funny, seemed a little off. It might be because I wanted to see a more traditional sequel to Mind Creep (the original ends on a great "To be Continued ..." moment), but I felt a little cheated. Still, it's great to see Morgan Foster the Magician back. I just wish he was present in his sequel - love that character!