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Overall a cute film and a good attempt was made but certain elements were missing from the story to help resolve it, I think personally. I absolutely loved the amazing papergirl effects/make up though, very impressed for a 48HOUR film.

Okay you got me with the shock ending. I didn't expect things to get that grim that quickly.

Was overall an enjoyable arc, few jokes here and there, but I felt like I was missing sympathy or care for the main character, which made the ending fall flat.

I don't have anything constructive to say but I did enjoy watching your film.

A solid attempt at the dimensional genre. Really enjoyed the film overall and had a nice arc to it.

This film overall fell flat for me, had a nice few laughs here and there but overall didn't carry itself. Reminded me a lot of a 48HOUR entry of ours a few years ago actually.

This was a well put together "punchline" film. Plenty of good laughs scattered throughout the film.

I'll admit I didn't see the end coming, I thought it was going to a nice happy ending but props to your team for pulling out my heartstrings at the last minute. Nice use of a frisbee vs. boomerang.

This was a stellar rockumentary. Every single joke/pun/reference had my both cringing and laughing.

I absolutely loved the idea behind this film, you worked extremely well with the genre that you received. Probably my favorite film for the night.

Very cute horror film, enjoyed it. Was a nice film to open up the heats.