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So I'm giving this a 7, but would be a 10 if this was only pre-high school movies we were assessing. Basically a model for what kids should do if they're making a movie - make it about things both kids and adults understand, have some really cute kids acting, and throw in a hilarious twist at the end.

Funny movie! Loved the goofy special effects and the concept was pretty good. The action scenes were played well. I think the film basically achieved what it was going for - a funny take-off cheesy horror films with some flashy special effects. Would have been an outstanding comedy with some better scripting - Morgan never actually lied, he was just called a liar, and the jokes could've been more original.

Nicely produced film and a nice serious twist on the adventure genre. Good use of camera techniques to create the drugged up/out of it experience. Let down a bit in the storytelling - visually it was nice but the story itself was slight and to make the outcome pack a punch you needed a more fully-developed relationship between the characters. Not a bad piece of work though!

This is my pick of the Dunedin films. Perfect use of resources to meld the genre, spirit of 48 hours, and location of Invercargill into a hilarious, clever and well-executed film that balanced a great story with some hilarious moments. Also contained my favourite use of the line of dialogue. Great work.

Nice premise and good acting by the lead, but I felt like unsatisfied at the end after the potential that was built up. The single image of the woman was genuinely scary - nice work - but I didn't get a great sense of her presence in the room otherwise, even at the ending.

Lovely setting and props, and the symphony fit brilliantly. Overall a nice effort!

Funny, mildly obscene premise that was used really well throughout the film (men can't get erections, world is effectively over). Porn "fluffer" got one of the biggest laughs of the night. Some technical issues with the visuals and sound, but overall a real shame it was in late!

Wonderful cinematography of a cemetery, visually one of the best so far. Also a really nicely creepy villain and a particularly unlucky Nicky Brick.

The story could've used more development. It quickly became repetitive and the abrupt killing at the end kind of let down the previous "will-she won't-she?" build-up. That build-up was done really nicely though, with some clever and creepy shots of the sickle.

Nice take on the genre, and some nice acting to create some classic fantasy adventure characters - especially liked the old man.

Visually the film was really good, some great shots of time slowing down to a stop, and the leaves flying through the air. Good location in the park helped.

I think the story needed more development, as I wasn't really sure what was so bad about the bad guy stopping time. It worked enough to make a nice little film though.

Quite tacky use of the line at the end wasn't the best...

Nailed the genre - a good amount of suspense and sexual tension, let down by being a bit predictable, as there was no twist and a fairly weak "nemesis" for the femme fatale. The actors suited the roles well, but could've done more to convey the emotions of the film.

One of the best film titles I've ever seen!

This had a really funny opening and a simple story told well. I was a bit confused about how the "blue ice" urban legend fit in, what it meant and what exactly the legend was. A particularly unlucky ending for Nicky Brick, which was done well, especially after setting him up as an easy character to dislike. One VERY disgusting moment.

There were some very good aspects to this film - an unusual take on the genre, and the interesting spin on the lessening effects of taking drugs stood out. Visually the film wasn't so good, especially in the darker scenes, although I was still able to tell what was going on (just), and it was a shame the sound was out of synch with the picture in some scenes as well. I also felt like the amount we saw the lead shooting himself up was pretty excessive - it's a powerful, shocking thing to see once or twice but after a while starts to become off-putting, and doesn't really develop the story.

Superb work. Excellent build-up of tension, only finally relieved with the terrific twist at the end. Great cinematography and really creepy setting added a lot. The dialogue could have been more clever - it was totally expository - but it did develop the bimbo character of the lead actress. I preferred the film without the second (post-credits) twist.

AWESOME. Kung fu was great, special effects were great, classic action film plot. Some of the audio was dodgy, and if I'm getting picky the elements could have been used better, but really enjoyable film to watch and great use of the genre. Twin Dragonfist!

Fairly simple set-up with gangster kids and nerd kids. A few sound problems with the dialogue.

Got better with the dance battle, some pretty funny dance moves.

And then grandma with goblin mask does slow motion backflip. Awesome factor = through the roof.

There was potential in this as a story and could have been a good take on the genre, but sound issues initially and a failure to stay focused on the narrative of the urban legend let the film down. Also Nicky Brick's "unluckiness" was fairly trivial (dropping things, slipping over etc). Good ideas, let down by execution.

Really liked this film. Thought the rhymed narrative worked, because the lyrics were genuinely funny, and because the ending used the technique well. Visually also really good. Issues over the use of the genre, I'm not sure it played out as an "action" film, or if there was a full character arc. But small quibbles for what was some great work!

Funny film about a superhero struggling to juggle his crime-fighting duties with everyday life. Lots of good moments - the X-ray vision, the angry boss, and the bagel barn all spring to mind. There were some sound and light issues, but it was a really fun film to watch!

Cuuuute. Great way of using the genre - it was a totally uplifting film, very simple way of showing colour coming into people's lives as they do nice things to one another. Looked like fun splattering paint across white t-shirts! Laugh from the audience when the rose was taken from the gardens - not sure this was the idea behind it but that moment could be read as breaking the rules in order to make the world a better place...

I think the one-man team was a first for Dunedin, and it was a clever way of adapting to the requirements of the Romantic Comedy genre. Hilarious to see a grown man chatting away about his girl problems over the phone, and then eating a tub of ice cream to console himself. Some technical issues - it was hard to hear what Nicky was saying. The ending was unsurprising but very cute. Nice little film.

Brilliant little piece, loved the special effect of the car being slowed to a halt, and then the perfect "stop" setting as everything was frozen in place. Technically everything was perfect. The seatbelt was a great touch.

Only thing missing was more - there was definitely a bigger story to be told here. But nevertheless one very cool scene.

Incredibly beautiful film. Amazing cinematography, the shot of the girl getting onto the trampoline with the leaves starting to bounce might be the best single shot I've ever seen in 48 hours. The story was a really cool take on the genre, a wonderful perspective on what a quest means to a little girl (by the way, great acting performance from the kid!). A genuinely tense climax led to a lovely ending. Magical.

Pretty classic 48 hours stuff. Tightly scripted and edited so good to watch. Especially loved the kittens!

It might have been improved by showing us how the cheese roll competition was such a big deal to these guys - it was implicit but there could have been more of a history there. But I guess some stuff has to be cut in 48 hours!

I had a great time watching this film. It was really funny, mining some good territory with different inappropriate takes on romance. The music was done really well, I was especially impressed by the hilarious lyrics, which I can imagine would be a pain to come up with in 48 hours. Bobby Young was fantastic, and a nice ending.

2009 National Winners don't disappoint. Incredible (and different) animation style, lovely voice-over, and remarkably poignant. The sort of film you just don't expect to see at 48 hours. Definite for the finals, will be hard to top.