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I give you guys props on a risk taking, "thought provoking" creative film. But I'm unsure on what I watched, I don't know if putting a VHS filter on top of stock footage and random shots with nonsense narration count as a science fiction short film. I am interested in what this team can do next year, things can only go up from here!

Also I don't know what the judges were on when crowning this the Gisborne region winner. Was this really our best film to show the rest of the country.

Another fucked up adventure with their tits out brought to you from these creative people. You never know what the next scene will transition to aka eating shit... The amount of creativity they can cover in 48hour blows me away.

I remember watching the original film and wanting to make my own, the following year I made my first film in the festival. I feel like this was the perfect sequel from the back catalogue of Kaiti Hill films. Great use of Miniature sets, real world locations, characters and animals!

Another solid effort from Cowps Productions. Great chemistry between the two leads and great music as always. Technically this is a very safe film, standard shots and locations. There are more advanced teams coming through the region and I want to see Cowps up their game next year and not fade into the background of this competition.

Solid effort with great lyrics and rhythm. Didn't really feel like a short film, more like a long music video. Technically looked good and great use of Gisborne locations.

Really fun film, great movement on and in camera which helped the pacing. A few inaudible moments but this was just a minor technical issue on otherwise a fantastic Gisborne film. Well deserved spot in the Gisborne final!