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really nice looking and well acted. nice minimal harold budd type piano score too.

didn't really like the ending at all. just completely out of the blue and not in a good way i don't think. it might've worked if there was some sort of motivation and/or foreshadowing integrated throughout the film maybe?

also - the complaints re: the french language aspect seem a bit unfounded to me. maybe the date cards on their own could've been interpreted that way but the actual dialogue seemed perfectly natural to me. possibly just a french-speaking team judging by some of the names in the credits.... so i'm sure it wasn't an attempt at an air of faux-phistocation or something.

really well-thought out aesthetic i thought. quite beautiful looking actually.

felt that some of the humour was a bit obvious in terms of "poor taste" but it was funny regardless. just seemed like it was trying a little too hard in that department sometimes.

the voice-acting was a particularly nice touch

thought this was a little weak in the idea and execution. some of the performances were really quite good though.

really good and probably my favourite of the night.

the blanking idea itself was well-thought through - lots of kind of subtle allusions to other similar "fads" like parkour and urban exploration. the required elements i thought were particularly well-integrated.

i think the team played to their strengths - the slightly weaker acting didn't really hinder it at all with it being presented as a documentary.

thought this was a really good highschool(?) entry.

there was a neat kind of anti-aesthetic with lots of the brutal edits, lingering on shots for too long, hammy acting, bad music looping etc. all kind of common enough for 48 hours, but this was done in such a way that it seemed a bit more considered somehow?

there are lots of ways for this sort of thing to be very boring but i don't think you could really say that about this.

really well-done traditional type musical. kind of in the simpsons satire-on-broadway type way. not really my sort of things in some ways - but i can't really deny it either.

i agree that perhaps the film was slightly visually boring at points (we never really leave that park bench), but i feel that this was probably a conscious sacrifice on the part of film-makers in order to focus on the music and lyrics etc? could've been a smaller team in which the musicians we also involved with the filming etc.

pretty impressive regardless

lush looking with some really good sound-design at points. really kind of nailed the 48 hours TM type humour i thought too.

the genre thing is what had me slightly mystified and i should probably loose 1/2 a star for that but... it was very good regardless.

i'm sure it's a little bit bad taste to comment (and unfortunately have to rate to post! so i'm just giving it the average....) on a film i was involved with but here goes:

we lost large sections of our dialogue with two hired radio mics (that we couldn't monitor while recording) so the sound was pretty dire for the most of it.

the out-of-syncness and strange sudden changes in audio levels we had no idea about until tonight. some of what looked like adr was actually just the native audio running a split second behind etc.

hope that clears something up

really good-looking film. some pretty impressive mid-fi effects.

the great acting definitely detracted from this essentially being one big long scene. well-written with some nice one-liners

really good. likeable lead character and a simple enough plot to go on some weirder tangents without getting too convoluted. a really good script overall i think.

looked pretty nice, some good sound-design and visual effects (backwards stop-motion plant growing was really well done.)

not sure what the fad was?

definitely some nice production values though - the comic book element was fairly well-done and a nice way of incorporating the freezeframe. just kind of tedious non-plot though

nice snare sound on one of the tracks

an okay idea... shame about being the use of copywrited game footage, being approximately 10 minutes too long and the litigious use of the entire tracklisting of 'rocked! 2001' ...

the end-credits bloopers kind of did as much for me as the actual film did. some small amusing parts though.

extra-point for the lead staying in character AFTER the heats and heading straight for mcdonalds.

really admirable effort on two harder genres.

classic take on a musical... just as things were starting to drag something new musically would happen and make it work again. really liked the flight attendant cameo part.

technically - lip-syncing issues detracted a few times, but not to a huge degree. decent original soundtrack.

decent take on superhero genre. definitely a few good lines ("shut up... shorty"). the plot kind of peaked with a bit of non-event though.

quite a nice silent-movie-esque original(i think?) piano soundtrack

good example of how some clever writing can thwart more technically-focused teams. some great lines and straight to the point with no dithering about bullying or wires. did drag the plot out slightly - but not really to the detriment to the pace of the film. kind of a non-sequiter ending - maybe that was the point though.

kind of a NZ take on trash humpers... really nailed the home-movie-of-me-and-my-mates-uploaded-to-youtube so well that it was kind of annoying at points.

liked a few of the little touches - the blackletter character names, no-name, the bizarre "RIP bobby youngstah"(?) splash sequence.

probably better as a concept than as an actual film though

brilliant sort of over the top take on good-cop-bad-cop. nice hammy, manic take on the bad cop.

lots of laffs and clever writing i thought with the overall arc of the story.

"baby gravy over my oil of ulan"

quite nice-looking and some really decent performances.

really nice. creatively shot (a few nice "urgh" angles). lots of wicked little comedic touches (the dolphin). neat take on the genre and a great ending.