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A really cool idea to use a tv show format! True to form with the title screens and the music, i can imagine its something that would be pretty hard to pull off in 5 minutes. Was let down by your technical side, and i would have liked a bit more of the characters to come through. I was left feeling like all I'd watched was an advertisement for the restaurant!

legit theme that hits home. Acting was awesome, technical and editing was slick, a very well made film. you got a few giggles with the cuts of the girl which was a shame. Props to you guys and hope to see you next year!

I dont think i'll ever stop quoting this film, nobody should argue with toast or be unsupportive of their wives. Fantastic acting, slick editing and technical, very cleverly written. Definitely a favourite of the night!

Hilarious, self aware, and with a good story and theme tune to boot! Captures the spirit of the competition really well and was fun to watch. Thank you!

one of my favorites! i did manage to hear the slug lady and it was the perfectly wacky ending to a perfectly wacky film. over the top as heck but very self aware and very funny

Sucks we couldn't make out the monologue! Gorgeous scenes, nice pace, sweetest ending; I think understanding what we had just seen would have made this a killer film.

I didn't feel like it was the most inspired film. A lot of yelling and not a lot of establishing what was actually going on; I felt it was a bit violent and disconnected from itself. Some clever twists that got a good laugh out of the audience though!

a really sweet film, and the perfect start to the heat! a very vague beginning kept us guessing, but i ended up appreciating the pace.