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WELL THAT GOT FRIGGIN DARK. while the sound did get janky in places in ways i wasn't convinced were deliberate, overall i liked your use of it (and i loved the subtitles, literally incapable of not muttering WOOSH along with them in the audience) and i liked the concept and how you approached it. there didn't really seem to be a story, but as a snapshot i still liked it, and it felt very nz in that i thought the ending was funny.

i wasn't sure where this was going, but thought the performances were broadly effective and was happy to go for a ride with them. i thought the world-building was solid, the details were well-delivered, and the ending strong.

this didn't really work for me and felt a bit meandering beyond just on purpose awkwardness; agree with previous reviewer who said it was like the punchline didn't come. the parts with the principal felt stronger and like they had more of a clear throughline - also nailed the delivery on that bit about how he's getting away with a thirty-five year old enrolling, that was tightly written and landed well with the performance. overall i liked the idea of it more than the execution.

i saw your team had hands up for first-timers (though apologies if i mistook someone else), and "musical" is a really tough entry to get for your first go. there were a couple of places where it felt draggy to me and the singing/editing fell awkwardly in some of them but kudos to going for it with the musical theme (and to whoever wrote your lyrics—i found the puddle bit effective!). i liked the concept of your apocalypse scenario as well as your visual storytelling (how you tied together the radio piece and your main character was nicely done). effective use of sound.

"why aren't you wearing hi-vis" "my parents bought property in the 70s" i spent the rest of the morning muttering this exchange to myself and laughing, so, well done to your screenwriter and to the snappy delivery of mr property values, whose performance was a high point of the viewing experience of the heat. shoutout to whoever decided the mullet was necessary; they were correct and deserve a high-five. this was a straightforward but not boring entry in monster films that i found well-executed within its technical ability and entertaining. would watch again and laugh in all the same places.

i loved the set design/world building—not jarring, used effectively. props to the dude who made the brochures. i liked the bureaucrat, who definitely had some of the best lines (the kiwisaver gag, "i was going to say bathroom breaks", very well delivered). it was well-paced, clipping along nicely, though i was unclear on the ending. edit in your alien secret agent, cheers.

this was solidly done—even before the twist became apparent, the slightly surreal interactions between the two characters pulled me in and had me trying to figure out what was going on (while being entertained by it regardless). when the reveal happened, it all hung together, making sense of the previously nonsensical events. i liked the touch of the male actor stock still while he was unnecessary; i found it striking in the moment and a nice touch in retrospect. intelligently done and written by people who understand how fucking weird kids play.