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A good film with a just a few things holding it back. The central idea with the puppets was great and was generally creepy (awesome use of ping pong balls) but I think it was perhaps stretched too far in parts. For example, the film sets up that there is only two people in the flat but later we are introduced to several other flatmates who are already dead. Also would have been good to have more time with the obvious bromance before killing one of them off straight away. That aside it was entertaining and kept my interest which isn't always easy as the last film in the heat. Great work

This would be getting more stars if the audio came through I think. The actual story/plot of a guy whose girlfriend does XXX webcam shows is something different and it stood out. The choice of location for the ending was great with the lighting and had that romantic feel which were elevated by the camera shots. Looking forward to seeing more from this team in future.

Good shots throughout and quite well acted with some great lines delivered throughout. Bit odd when they updated the program by the front door and then in the next shot we are in the garage. Did we miss a scene? Love that the smoke fx got praise in the credits. When in doubt add more smoke to a scene!

Nice change to the usual Genie in the bottle formula. Great humour throughout with the genie's attire and the looks from various people walking past the main character. It did feel slow in some parts so maybe just cutting the short into a leaner film would have earned another star. Good chemistry between the actors.

Always great to see claymation or any animation in the 48hrs comp. Nice and short with a good 3rd act reveal.

A good solid short with great acting from the students and teachers involved. Nice work also for designing and applying their little control devices! Best line definitely goes to the Rugby fan! "Yeah boi! Go 0110101 - 1!" And also great work with the puddle (not the obvious water option) and the twist/reveal at the end!

The Taniwha was great and she stole the show. Unfortunately I don't know if there was much of a coherent story after the first scene with the walkers. The main male actor was very hard to understand and constantly cutting to the playful Taniwha was a bit odd as well. You never know the full story with editing but it just didn't quite come together this time.

Freaking hilarious. Great acting from the director, actor and Marilyn Monroe herself. It was a good idea that wasn't overplayed and wrapped up fairly nicely. Great job

Beautifully shot and great emotional acting but had no idea what it was really all about. Did she start bleeding from the ear? Why was there an evacuation and why do we have flashbacks to the forest topless and then he is clothed in the present scenes? Just feels like the crew knew the story inside and out that they forgot that the audience might need more information.

Loved this film! A big improvement on the previous year and the humour was spot on. Has to be the audience favourite for sure.