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Nice little story with a small cast. I didn't laugh as much as wince. Maybe I don't have the stomach for this style of movie

My pick of the night.
Quite rough on the edges but for an 48 hours animation it was forgivable.
The story was focused and with all basic elements of the genre.
I had a couple of genuine laughs and the music was tight.

With a bit of polish this could be the next Inside out.

This was cool. I would have preferred if the characters had dealt with the drama of coming back from the dead. Keep some mystery but just one shady conversation would have made things way more dramatic.
I got some Les Revenants vibes and thats a good thing.

I disagree with steel potato. Your attempts to put force a story/climax to this was the weakest part of what had the makings of a great film.
The loop back to the murder was unnecessary/jarring and took away from the cool beginning.

This movie was like a giant bowl of Cheerios. Funny at first and then gross and soggy at the end