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Whilst this film didn't necessarily conform to the classic 'groundhog day' structure, I found the take on the time travel element interesting.

The story of an almost psychotically happy man waking up every day to go to an awful job (selling dodgy credit cards), to slowly realise throughout the day that his life is terrible. He then goes to bed upset, only to wake up in a state of frightening happiness as if the previous day hadn't happened.

As revealed at the end, it turns out the 'happy man' is a clone. Every night the credit card company kills the clone. This is because over the day it has become disenfranchised and upset with it's existence, and the company replaces it with a fresh one.

It was a good commentary on the mundane work life many of us lead, and the disposable nature of low skill workers.

The shots were deeply inconsistent, the colour grading was poor (looks like iso issues with the darker shots), the sound was jarring and the dialogue was very forced. The moment the protagonist thinks he's in a 'time loop' is shoehorned in.

The concept however is really interesting, my main issue was how clearly it was conveyed- the story deserves a longer film.

This film made me laugh, the ‘booting down’ when he got splashed with water was hilarious, throwing him in rice was brilliant, the actors were convincing!

There was a lot of ‘tell’ instead of ‘show’ in the film, I’d recommend using talking heads in conjunction with visual aids to establish characters etc. For (a really poor) example, when he tells us at the start he is terrible with the ladies, show us that straight away!

Under the umbrella of mockumentary, you can get away with certain production related issues. It’s hard to know what was intentional and what wasn’t. As a viewer, my experience was that I felt it was a little jarring to watch- whether that’s harsh sound, shaky camera, hard cuts in the edit. It could have easily been more aesthetic- but of course this could have been an artistic decision and I’ll never know!

I did really enjoy this film,

This was a really fun film, absolutely made by the chemistry of the two actors- both well suited for the role they played.

The story structure was really good, but you need to make every step of the story as clear as possible to your audience. For example, the leaving jail/breakout could have been clearer.

I would love to give higher stars, but the production quality has a bit to go yet- focus points could be shooting in the right light, varying your shots and editing pace and mixing your sound to even it all out.

I really respect the ambition to commit to such a level of vfx that’s so crucial to your narrative! It worked really well.

Acting and production was great! I particularly liked the dialogue- the actors bounced off each other very naturally.

The story itself is one I’ve seen and heard a lot before, nothing took me by surprise. Of course the five minutes brings massive limitations, but I think with the great platform you gave yourself the story had potential to be expanded.

This was a lovely film. The quality of the acting was very high, the production was great, and the film very effectively conveyed mood and tone.

It made me laugh, and it made me sad. It tapped into a pretty universal sadness, and the comedy cutting through that was very sharp.

The resolution was a bit mental, but of course it’s a 5 minute film with a snappy ending- so this can be embraced.

This film was absolutely one of my favourites from the heat, and naturally the film we first talked about when we left the cinema.

It was absolutely mental! Took me by wild surprise. Loved it.

The quality of the bird photography was exceptionally high, now the other shots were not bad by any means but there was a mild contrast in quality there, which occasionally lifted me out of the film.

Interesting film- a really good idea for the cringe comedy. The production was really solid- it's a shame there was a technical error during the showing- unsure whether that was a file issue or the cinemas problem.

This film would have been brilliant if the 'embarrassment in front of a crowd' was slightly better executed. It would have been great to see a crowd of people (no matter how small)- and set some high expectations for the performer, only for the performer to embarrassingly fail to meet them.

The casting was great- the actor really embraced the role.

The resolution at the end was lovely. Nicely structured story for a 5 min film.

I enjoyed this film, acting was strong!

It managed to create a much wider context through implication- I enjoyed this writing style. The ending was clever, and unexpected. The sound was great, the cinematography was great (nice wee Wes Anderson through the doorframe shot), the surreal lighting was cool, the story was great.

If you twist my arm to nit pick, the gun prop brought the production down a touch I felt, it didn't look brill on screen even though it's clearly not a cheap toy/prop etc. I'm not sure why, I just looked at it and went 'that's clearly not real', and it brought me out of the film for a moment- which was crucial because it was a moment with a tonne of potential tension.

I would also like to see a different cut of the film with a slightly more sinister tone, up the pacing a bit at the end, bring the shots in much closer to really freak the viewer out.

You guys clearly had an absolute riot filming this- even though the production quality was at a relatively inexperienced level, this film had a fair bit of character!

I liked the energy! The costuming was great! The setting was brill!

Things to think about for next year: have a look into editing software, what one to use, how to use it. Some of the transitions between the shots were pretty jarring or glitchy. Look into cameras, even if its your iphone camera, I imagine you can find one to give you a better picture quality.

Look up some simple story structures to help when writing. One I love to use is called 'the heroes journey', and the version I reference when writing is used by Dan Harmon, the creator of Community/Rick and Morty.

Continually ask yourself when writing- do people talk like this? What would someone actually say?

When it comes to camera angles, a lot of your camera angles were shot from really far away, or from a medium distance only. Using only 'mid shots' and 'long shots' makes the film less engaging- if you pick a variety of shots, (including close ups, especially during fight scenes) can help up the production quality. Watch any Jason Statham fight scene, you'll notice that the director doesn't show too much of the fight- it's all close up, quick cuts between shots, and flashes of action. This is because it's very hard to fake a convincing fight.

I really look forward to seeing next years entry.

Interesting take on an 'end of the world movie', the couple being so very blasé. All in all very smooth dialogue.

I would have enjoyed more conflict, or change in tone throughout the film, whether it be pacing in the edit or derived through character.

The end with the clear sound of the meteor hitting earth, followed by the radio announcing that they had the all clear was confusing.

Exceptionally well shot, production was great, sound was professional. When it started it had the feel of a Netflix show- perhaps due to the quality colour grading.

Story was uninspired but simple and effective- classic 48 hours style narrative. I think the ending with the yellow hat could have been worked in a bit better, seemed a bit shoe-horned- maybe I missed something. Actors worked really well on screen.