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I liked the photography in this one, and the wrongly accused aspect of the lead character. Was she?

Wait is this a Musical too? I am confused. Pretty funny.

Really like this one, awesome locations and action scenes.

Trash noir? I think this film got the most laughs at heat. For a good reason. It's fun and bizzare.

Crazy surreal fun... Nice DIY art direction here, some special effects take this film to "another level"

Super enjoyable, nailed the obssessive relationship genre. Sure looks like the team had a lot of fun making this.

Great make up effects. This film was hilarious for the lack of finished effects and someone in the cinema apologising for it. Looks like they had a lot of fun, and a lot of ambition making this.

Rough production values and some crazy characters, this one was more entertaining than most.

Nicely shot. Visual elements reminded me of Blair Witch Project, but story suffered a bit.