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I honestly reckon if you guys were given musical/dance you would have been instant finalists this year, totally crushed that. But alas, it was Sci-Fi or Si Fi in your guys case ;) The story itself was closer to Science-Fact, not Science-Fiction, best to research as much as you can about your genre before going straight into how you can make a dance for it, something to remember for next year!

Beautifully shot, nice low light looked really good on screen. Was pretty captivated by that the whole way through so didn't think that much about the story until later, when I did think about it I realised there were a lot of unanswered questions. Mysteriousness doesn't always equal unanswered questions, are you sure it was necessary for Tom to have a bottle smashed over his head? A random disappearance would have probably had the same effect, still would have had the same suspicion of the girl. But regardless of plot, still looked very nice I would hope you guys would be up for a cinematography nomination.

This was fantastic. Loved how strange you were able to get it without loosing any of the energy, a solid effort considering how difficult the genre was!

Also, Canadians. xx

It's clear you had a lot of fun putting this together, and the fact that you had so much fun with it actually made the audience enjoy it a heap! Nice work.

I really liked the idea of the taxi driver picking up a bunch of different people who all have a story to share through song, my suggestion for improvement would be similar to TheRealClose above, having the car seem like it's moving is pretty key to the story, perhaps having a light repeatedly go past the characters from outside could have helped this too?

Yo this was a good time! No apologies required, maybe it wasn't what you set out to do, but you certainly had some great ideas under your belt as far as what a buddy movie normally entails!

Best Disqualified Film. Period. Love your work team <3

In classic Strang fashion, this film felt very true to what you would see on a DVD. There was just enough to understand the story but also written in a way so that you could understand why the scene would not be in a full length feature film! Loved it.

Brilliant. Finalists last year and you should be confident to see that happen again. Absolutely perfect use of the smash cut (also kinda like a match cut, throwback to 2015!).

A solid idea that I feel would have been a lot more successful if the genre wasn't musical/dance. I was anticipating throughout the short that the actor and cat would start dancing together at some point (before the foreshadowed death) as a way of compensating for the difficult genre. Besides this issue with the genre, it was well shot and the use of the cat was really well done.

Unless there was a subtle underlying plot throughout the whole film which I missed, I wouldn't consider this a short film. The genre was at night and there was a fair amount of footage shot in the day, suggesting that your plan with this was to not even try. This was more like something you'd upload on your YouTube channel post 48hours to share with people how you made your film, not something you'd bother entering into a competition. A huge opportunity missed to create a story about the difficulties of filming a short at night, perhaps after finishing your night shots of the alien in your first film you could have taken some time to shoot some scripted spoofs and problems. Quite disappointing to have to sit through the making of another film for no reason.

UPDATE: Now with the information that the plan was to always make a film like this, my comment would be that submitting a second film like this is not an appropriate way to be advertising your work.

Strong acting in this film carried the story well, keep that up in the future. Would be great to see you guys get a stabiliser for your camera if you plan to do more running shots. My favourite scene was when the movie was playing in the theatre, it was pretty convincing, nice work overall.

I liked the concept, reminded me of The Matrix's essential themes. The transitions between shots made the film difficult to understand and uncomfortable for the audience to try engage. I also noticed that in many shots there was a lot of motion blur, was this intentional? it was quite distracting (particularly when Charlie was pointing at the other characters, his arm was very blurry and stretched) Learn and practice the skills of good cinematography over the next year so that you can present your concepts to the best of their ability next 48 Hours!