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Loved the tent library transition. Awesome lighting. Made me chuckle.

Awesome mockumentary. Loved the ducks. Some of those lines were real winners. Best incorporation of the ball in the heat. Cinematography wasn't the best at times a bit over-exposed but over all you guys had a plot and the sound was decent so well done!

Nice editing. You lost me in the drug-taking-sequence, it was a bit long and a bit unclear, and the end was pretty unresolved.
In saying that- nice shots (maybe a bit too much focus on awesome film techniques, more could have gone into scriptwriting), great use of music and it was nice to see a real attempt at a scary horror film.

Really enjoyed this. Nice dialogue, simple story, well developed plot. Not just another 'insomniac is my genre' film.

I really enjoyed this film. Great actresses, non-predictable plot, great sound/cinematography.
One of my favourites of all the films I've seen so far.

Cool take on the genre. Damn being born into a car racing family aye?

Cool lights. Immobilised? How?

Nice one shot. Nice use of swearing. Subtitles- classy stuff.

Witty, fantastically made... yeah. Nice job!

Did not understand it really but it didn't matter. What an awesome film! Had the audience in hysterics.

It's just so fluffy! Made me laugh. Best insomniac I think...

Clear winner (if it didn't get disqualified). Really...showed everything. Piss horse? Amazing.

Pretty damn amazing. That is all.

What converging story? But in seriousness it was one of my faves of the heat. Some memorable dialogue, sweet shots of an empty Wellington (how???) and loved the star.

Nice use of pie. Appreciated sweater-vest's valiant efforts to recover his briefcase. End was a little weak.

Beautifully shot, cute concept, an enjoyable watch.