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cinematography blew me away, the quality of the visuals was just awesome, good camera work, editing was good but could have been snappier. music was ok, good music should blend with the visuals, but this stood out like a sore thumb, but hey it's 48 hours. what really let this film down was poor acting the acting would have been ok, had this been an awkward comedy but after such an emotional opening and a rape scene the comedy felt useless and out of place. i recognise Cassie baker from the play "Two Fish 'n' a Scoop" which she acted superbly well in but i felt her acting in this film was below par. if you had stuck to the macabre used in the beginning and end, i would have loved this film.

ps: I thought that the guy and girl were going to a ball or atleast a fancy dinner the way they were dressed, but they just ended up at a house party which was weird.

loved your characters! well shot, but at times hard to hear because of traffic. some shots went on too long (the time lapse and the interviewer under bridge walking down the rocks) so tighten up on the editing. it was funny too which is always a plus. so good job guys

short and sweet i liked it! well shot well edited although we didn't find out why he was covered in blood to begin with? did he just murder someone and happen to stumble across another murder scene?? we didn't hear Bobby's last name but i'll assume it's Young, (credits looked classy XD) acting was as good as it needed to be.
Well Done

high hopes for this but fell short of expectations, poor acting by the leads and sub-par editing let this down most, but i have to criticise the murder scene as well which is unfortunate because i thought the mirror/split personality scene and idea was great!! the murder scene was just too long, lacked drama, suspense and more fake blood, it was also overly bright, playing with colour levels and contrast would have been worth the time and effort for this scene. the drunk guy was a very good way to build up tension between the leads and he acted well. heapsa potential though good luck for your future endeavours :)

well acted but it seemed to me more logical that the two actors swap roles as the geeky fellow was way bigger than his bully. clever overall idea but not fully expanded, use of the wire was strange and didn't fit. not badly shot though editing was fluid too so well done on that

great concept. some quality issues. acting was at times good. slapstick style fast motion travelling scenes (although i realise this was a quest movie,) annoyed me. wire use was strange but i didn't dislike that. breakfast scene was unnecessary however, but i did like the loop at the end; very classy finish! well done

well shot, acting was good, I liked the double body-switch but was hard to follow. this movie started out very good with a very clear opening and introduction to the narrative. however the story got progressively more convoluted and over-complicated and the ending seemed completely chaotic and nonsensical. and why was the man in the balaclava running away when he was the one with a gun?!! overall very interesting though. go Bursnside!!

whoops accidentally reviewed twice

I agree with Christian Lee, nice take on the fad genre, a more sepia look would have suited, cliff hanger was good. Costume and location were very well suited to your story (pre-prepared perhaps?) nice look and feel to the movie. the female characters played almost no part in the story? and the acting standard was below what the movie needed. but otherwise entertaining

great characters, stereotypes are always funny and you seem to have a gift for them. great use of cliché love scenes! and I didn't actually expect you to have a "5.7 metre grand piano"!! so that was funny too. the fad didn't tie in very well with the story which made the ending feel unsatisfying. would have suited rom-com better. your camera work was surprisingly good though so well done on ridin' solo!

costume and editing made this movie such a grand event to watch (and where the hell did you find that car??!) characters felt hollow, and acting was poor but I didn't care; when you can make a sword out of bent wire who cares whether you can express or feel emotion. reincorporation of Bobby as Taurine was good but the first scene was much to long and boring to watch. overall camera work was good. corny clichés I found hilarious! good job guys kept to your genre perfectly!!!

hilarious! loved the fight scene, "white abo's!" had me laughing hardest. story was a bit weak, would have suited quest movie much more than revenge. overexposure, noise and strange camera angles let this film down. but I liked your use of the long forgotten art of physical/slapstick comedy. pleasure to watch. thanks guys (and their decks) for making somthing so enjoyable

loved the title! camera work wasn't too bad, cute storyline, enthusiastic actors made this film fun to watch, a few very minor editing errors, a boom mic also entered one shot. acting is something that gets better with experience and you guys have started young so I expect some awesome movies from you guys in years to come

really liked the look and feel of your movie, the actors connected well, Joe's singing was good, songs were well placed adding to the overall humour of the characters, together with lines like "keep off the grass". I also liked the cult costumes. songs did sound a bit similar however and the line of dialogue "wait, isn't he an ex-bully?" and bent wire didn't quite fit surreptitiously. a few of the shots could have been better like the close up of David's eyes in the cult scene: it could have been framed a bit better. but then again some of them were really good like the shot looking down the pistol at David's face: it looked steady and was well framed. the shot of the cultists heads looming overhead then fade to black was very nice too. I also liked the twist at the end it really lifted the narrative of the movie for me and made it a happy ending.