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I like to think I'm an avid movie critic, I've watched many and consider myself a pretty good judge when asked my opinion on one.This was the first time I had ever been invited to watch 48hrs,and I'm glad I did.


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From the get go I found the movie not only highly entertaining,but hilarious as well.It drew my attention from beginning to end and I remembered the plot at the end,which was hard for a lot of the movies to commit to.The sound effects during the fight scene were ingenius and all the characters played their role to perfection.The actor who played 2 parts was soooo funny, the toast scene was hilarious and if OGC planned it all that way, then brilliant.IYou could tell too that at the end when the credits appeared written on paper,that the OGC put all their resources into the film content and not all the bells and whistles,use of props was clever too and I think that OGC have a good chance of making it to the finals.I wish them luck and they definitely have my vote,I would watch out for OGC in the future.