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Great acting. Nice sets. Didn't quite understand if the dog was the one being interrogated.

This film made us think! Was the time traveler the little boy? The water must have been freezing! Awesome acting. Very emotional film, well done guys :)

Loved the self aware humour in the intro. Funny concept. Liked the joke with the baby. Fantastic break the forth wall joke, sticking it to winter shooting. Loved the night scene. Well done, guys! Great use of split screens! Hilarious film.

Clever song! Some really funny moments :) Guy at the end had a great voice. Loved how he held it and then brought it up.

Nice cinematography and great acting! CGI was great as well. Nice work, guys :)

Loved the cinematography! Loved how the characters would look into each other's frames, and how the two men were talking to each other from their frames. Nice twist at the end.

Super clever story. Loved the 'spotting' element, hilarious! Well done, guys :) Great work.

Loved the ending when Santa was trying to spread Christmas cheer! Hilarious.

Loved the overhead shot when everyone came into frame. Great story! Loved the twist at the end. Great work, guys!

Funny film. Great shots from other characters' perspectives. Highly entertaining! It's tough to make people cringe, I think you pulled it off :)

Awesome film! Way to pull that off in 48 hours! That must have been A LOT of work, well done :) Liked how you did the split screens with the security cameras. Songs were great. Hilarious that the colleagues were the monsters and how they were blown up at the end. Loved that they survived. Broken camera in the blast was a great detail. Clever forth wall break! Great movie :)

Nice idea with the smart drug. Loved the night scenes of the city centre walk!

Great twist on the genre!

Funny film! Loved the costumes and the dummies. The ripping off of the body parts was hilarious. The split screen of the guy watching the TV was clever.

Costumes were great! The artificial intelligence device was clever. Loved how the daughter invented it. Cute ending as well :)

Loved that this movie was in Italian! This movie was fun to watch. It was clever and funny! Very well done.

Wow!!! The emotion in this movie!!! I have never cried during a 48 hour film before, but this one did it! Such an impacting movie.

This movie was so well done! Graphics were amazing and story line was very strong. Loved the story. Very strong movie!

This movie was so funny! I was had from the moment the guy stated he didn't want to get the pizza because he hurt his ankle last time he got it. The story just kept getting more and more hilarious from there. Well done! Had the place roaring.

Loved this movie! A tough story to pull off, especially with the dog as the main character, but you absolutely did it! So well done! Kudos!

I loved this movie! Using the baby as the main character was very clever and absolutely hilarious. The dialogue was perfect. Loved how things were portrayed from the baby's understanding in regards to what was happening in the car. Very, very well done!

This movie was so over-the-top hilarious that I couldn't even! Absolutely loved the musical changes, too funny. The rap at the end was hilarious. One of my favourite movies of the night.

This movie was hilarious! Loved the 'shanked' twist and it got even funnier when the 'plowed' twist was revealed! The third twist was great, as it added a great contrast and the premise of the jury show in real life would be really boring, which is why it worked so well in contrast to the other shows. Also loved the graphics, very well done!