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This film was fantastic. The concept was clever but simple enough to not overwhelm the seven minute limit. Performances were solid, the picture quality crisp and the plot fast paced. The final shot was easily the highlight of the heat. Awesome!!

This one kept the audience guessing to start with as it established the characters and their relationship, then kicked into the action/adventure late in the peice. This wasnt necessarily a bad thing though as the set up was increasingly bizarre but hilarious. Great film.

A tricky genre to work with but this was quite sweet. The final scene made me chuckle and though it wasnt slick productiinwise they seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves which made it enjoyable to watch.

Enjoyed this take on the 'reunion' genre. Some great shots in there and a few standout performers made this film one of my favs from the heat.

Nice solid take on the genre. Some great laugh-out-loud moments especially in the dates. The sound definitely suffered in the outside scenes thanks to the trusty Wellington wind but it wasnt a deal breaker. Enjoyable on the whole.