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Great job with your concept and set design. Your music went very well with what you were trying to pull off. I was very impressed with your work and I look forward to seeing more from you guys

I liked the concept of the transgender character trying to be himself. The lyrics were pretty good however it would have been better if they had linked up with the music playing more. But all and all it was a good effort with the tricky genre

This movie was a great comedy and was acted really well. However I thought the at night aspect of it was undersold. Most of the scenes were inside so the at night aspect wasn't shown very much. However, I didn't think this brought the movie down as it was quite clearly well thought out and you can tell how much fun they had making it. All in all it was a great watch and really well done.

I found the characters interesting and quirky. I did find the story quite hard to follow however. The lighting kept changing in shots where it didn't seem like it should though. I thought this movie was a good effort.

They did a great job with the Z-Grade genre that is reasonably unheard of. The fact that they were 100% willing to make there movie seem terribly made to back up the genre shows in their delivery. The props used in the film e.g. the balloon, the knives and the remote control car make the film very funny and really enjoyable. All in all it was a great watch.

Great concept for the film. Very witty and delightful. Characters were great and the actors performed really well. The collision was great aswell